How to get subsidies from the European Union - in a nutshell?

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The process of applying for grants from the European Union consists of several stages. Importantly, in order to receive a subsidy, you do not have to be reported to the employment office as an unemployed person.

Define your goal

The first step of a person applying for EU funding should be to set the goal for which the funds are to be allocated. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate business plan for economic activity, in which you should include your idea, proper justification and the effects of a given investment. It is also important to choose the spatial and temporal scope of the project, i.e. whether it is to be implemented throughout Poland, a specific voivodeship, poviat or commune.

Grants from the European Union are awarded under various programs

The next step to apply for grants from the Union is to select the appropriate operational program and activities that will best suit the needs of the activity. The program should be adjusted in such a way that the activity designated within its framework contributes to the achievement of the intended goal. The application available on the European Funds Portal may be helpful. There is a Beneficiary's Guide, which, after answering a few simple questions, will help to indicate from which program and activity you can apply for EU funding.

See application deadlines

The next step should be to find an appropriate institution that will announce a competition under the selected activity. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the deadlines for the call for applications, the place of their submission and the documentation of the selected program, which is the basis for the correct development of the competition application.

Submit your application and wait for a positive consideration

In order to submit an application, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form, which is available on the website of the selected operational program. When applying for a grant for the first time, it is worth using the instructions for its completion. It should be prepared in electronic and paper version, and attached should be: project implementation schedule, business plan, financial analysis and feasibility study. Documents submitted in this way are formally and substantively assessed. This means that the content of the project, its feasibility and compliance with the requirements are checked. The time for assessing such an application may take up to 3 months.

There are consulting companies that offer assistance in obtaining funds from European funds - they deal with filling in applications, monitoring the implementation of the contract and settling the project.

In order to receive subsidies from the European Union - an agreement must be signed

The contract is signed with the institution that is responsible for the grant. This document specifies the duties and powers, the project implementation plan and its budget, as well as the details of the project settlement. The subsidy is paid in the form of a refund. In order to obtain it, it is also necessary to submit a payment application together with documents that confirm the costs (invoices). In order to be sure that the money will be awarded, all obligations stipulated in the contract must be fulfilled.