How to plan effectively - effective methods!

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In order to manage your time well, it is worth planning your tasks. A lot has been said about the fact that it is one of the necessary parts of the organization. However, how to plan effectively? Certainly, we have bought a calendar more than once, write down what we have to do in it for some time, and then abandon it, because we did not even look at it most of the time. Planning, however, has many advantages, so if you want to properly manage your time, it is worth introducing them to your daily routine.

Why plan?

Organized people who plan a lot seem spontaneous. However, it is not true that planning deprives us of freedom. This process helps us spend our time efficiently, use it well, it can motivate and, most of all, it makes us remember everything!

Ways on how to plan will be useful for people who have a lot of responsibilities every day. It is not only about work-related tasks, but also bills, visits to the doctor, meetings with friends, etc. This ensures that they will not forget any important date and will have an overview of what they have already done.

The process can also help you focus. Certainly, each of us had a day when we tried to work, but at the same time he was thinking about what he needs to do outside of work, various ideas came, and new tasks were remembered. Such a crowd of thoughts does not allow you to concentrate. Planning the day makes our head clean, our thoughts are in order, and we can easily get down to what is most important to us at the moment.

Our daily to-do list can also be motivating. We write down everything we have to do on a piece of paper, and we cross out every task that has already been done. Such a highlighted list and even tangible proof that we are going to the end can be very motivating and can affect our productivity. However, to be well prepared for the planning process, it's worth knowing a few tricks about how to plan.

Planning is not easy

Each of us should find the most appropriate planning system for us. Only then will we really feel that the whole process makes sense. And it may seem that there is nothing simpler than a list of tasks, but if we do not find the best method for us, we can quickly give up.

The effectiveness of our actions depends on whether we will find ourselves in this whole process. Therefore, it is worth trying different systems and see which one is the best and most suitable for us. It may take some time, but we should not get discouraged.

Of course, it may seem to us that planning is not for us at all, but the benefits of it are so many that it is worth checking how to plan to act effectively.

How to plan effectively?

There is no one system that works for everyone. However, thanks to the multitude of methods, everyone can find something for themselves. Below are some methods of effective planning.


At the beginning, it is worth trying various media on which you can manage your time - it can be a calendar, notebook, card, notebook, bullet journal, application, notes on the phone ... tasks.

Time scheduling

If we intend to plan by setting a time frame, it is worth knowing how long it takes to perform certain activities. For several days, we can write down how long a given task took us - let's write down the hours, let's take breaks. Of course, the time will never be the same, but in this way we will more or less see how much we need in a given case. Hourly planning, however, can be difficult - then we have to take into account the margin of error, know that something may go wrong, jump out, change the course of the day. So when planning with a timeframe it is important to know that this is just an estimate so as not to get frustrated unnecessarily.

Planning time

At the beginning of your adventure with planning, it is worth starting with planning short periods. For example, every morning we write down on a piece of paper all the tasks that we have to perform in the coming hours. Each done, we cross it out, if something goes wrong, we move it to the next day. The longer we act in the short term, the more confident we can take care of slightly more distant responsibilities.

The goal is the most important

Performing tasks aimlessly makes us lose our motivation and enthusiasm for work. Therefore, in planning, it is worth setting larger and smaller goals. Then add a list of tasks to each of them that will make us get to them. Thanks to this, every day we can add a small step closer to it to our to-do list and act all the time.

Extremes are never good

We have to measure our strength against intentions - it is difficult to fit 10 important tasks into one working day. Therefore, it is worth spreading your tasks in such a way that you can deal with the really difficult ones, for example once a day. If it goes smoothly, we can add more, but if we pack our list to the brim, instead of motivation to act, we can only get stress, resignation and frustration.

Cleansing thoughts

Regardless of how we plan, it is always worth having a piece of paper and a pen next to you. It happens that we work on one task and something completely different comes to mind. We want to remember this, but often the thought flies away. In addition, it often prevents us from focusing on what we are doing at the moment. A very good way is to quickly write down what is on your mind and return to your current duties - with a clear head and organized thoughts.

Knowing how to plan can help us get things done smoothly. In addition, it allows us to fully focus on our duties - after all, we have everything written down and even if we do not remember something, just look at the notes. Therefore, it is worth trying to plan your working day and see that it can be much more effective.