How to combine email marketing with content? Practical tips

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E-mail marketing is still an effective method not only of reaching the customer, but most of all keeping the interest of loyal customers. How to combine effective e-mail contact with content to achieve the intended success? We will try to provide you with the most important information.

How e-mail marketing should be perceived in modern internet marketing?

First of all, as a coherent tool for communication with the client and distribution of the produced content. Because although mailing is associated only with information sent to a specific address and containing the customer's address data and brief information about the sale campaign or new products of the store, you should not think about it only in this way. Contemporary e-mailing is multidimensional. In the messages sent out, it is effective not only to inform the client, reach his inbox, but most of all to maintain the relationship or bring his offer closer to him. This is facilitated by various content tools in the form of e-books, tutorials, graphics, guides and photo coverage.

Importantly, in each industry it is necessary to match these sources to the audience and skilful communication that will:

  • developed the recipient,

  • encouraged to make a purchase,

  • broadened the group of recipients,

  • formed a bond,

  • communicated knowledge about products and services.

E-mailing with the use of content marketing tools is unobtrusive advertising, which in its sophisticated form is easy and pleasant to consume.

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What types of content marketing should you use in e-mail correspondence?

In order not to be groundless, we will describe examples of content marketing content based on specific industry examples.

If your company is involved in the culinary industry, an e-book with bargain recipes will be a good example of an addition to an e-mailing campaign. Users will be happy to download original recipes, and you will find out which group of recipients uses your materials. This is a good way to narrow down your target audience and pass it on to your social media campaigns later.

If you are a large information service, it is worth sending the most important articles on a specific topic from time to time in an e-mailing campaign. You can additionally restrict access to the entire article with a subscription for logged in. You will create a solid database of addresses and data on people to whom you actually reach with your message.

Are you working in the fashion industry? Send stylizations on graphics or moodboards in e-mails. In women's industries, it is the image that becomes the most important tool determining the value of the shopping cart.

In home & garden, guides count. Every DIY enthusiast wants to know how to perform a given activity step by step. And let's remember that there is no shortage of home revolution enthusiasts. If you want to send effective e-mailing to this target group, remember to include links to top tips in it. Ideally, they should be strongly associated with the current season. During the holiday season, everyone wants to read about how to decorate a house, in summer, how to arrange a balcony. Only trends change here, and attachment to seasonal work remains unchanged.

Does e-mailing still sell? Yes, but combined with effective content marketing tools. Think of mailing as you would about social media campaigns. Inform, encourage, shorten the distance, but also give something back. Do not be intrusive and, above all, collect data, thanks to which each subsequent action will be more appreciated.