How to get fans on Facebook - practical tips

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Nowadays, running a company fan page on Facebook is one of the almost obligatory elements of marketing. A profile on a social networking site is often compared to a traditional website. However, there is an important question that anyone taking their first steps in e-marketing can ask themselves: how to get fans on Facebook?

Facebook fanpage is not everything

Just a few years ago, getting fans on Facebook, converted into so-called likes, was not as difficult as it is today. And although it seems strange, it has its logical justification. First of all, the number of users of social networking sites who want to promote their business increases during the year - thus, users potentially interested in a specific category have a much wider choice. So how do you get fans on Facebook? Along with the development of the social network itself and the increase in the number of its users, new methods of fanpage promotion are also appearing.

Simple solutions are the best

If we have already decided to set up a fan page, the first and best way is to invite our friends to like it. Of course, many of them may not be at all interested in our site, but this is a chance to get the first likes.

However, you have to remember an important rule - do not impose yourself too much, because it can only bring opposite effects. Nobody likes spamming everyday. Getting fans on Facebook is a long process and you can't get a good result in hours or days.

It is also important to place a banner or widget on the website redirecting users to the company's fanpage. In this way, users who have visited our website so far have a chance to find out about our presence on the social networking site, and this will result in more likes. Of course, in order to achieve a better result, it is worth encouraging customers with some promotion, e.g. -10% for specific products or services. It always works.

Another method that is especially recommended for people starting promotion in social media is to create an advertisement. The Facebook Ads Manager has been prepared in a way that will allow you to reach specific target groups: you can choose the age of users, their interests, location and our advertisement will mainly reach them. Unfortunately, it is a paid form, which for some is a big disadvantage. However, it is worth considering whether it is not worth spending a few zlotys a day to reach a larger group of users and thus give yourself a chance to develop your business.
You should remember about the basic issue - the content of our website, i.e. its content, must be of an appropriate level. Entries should be substantive, related to the industry. Otherwise, the user will have no reason to be interested in the site, as the competition will likely offer him something much more valuable.

How to get fans on Facebook? Advice for advanced users

As strange as it may seem, a good way to attract new Facebook fans, but also to gain expert opinion in your category, is to work with competitors or companies with a similar business profile.

How to get fans on Facebook this way? There are two types of action in this area. The most popular way is to post and comment on other fan pages. Here, however, you should stick to a few rules of thumb. First of all, they cannot be promotional comments, encouraging you to like our website or containing its address. Such entries will do nothing and may even be treated as spam. In addition, comments, like the previously mentioned website content, should be substantive. It is not the number that counts, but the quality - thanks to this approach, we have a chance to develop an expert opinion in a given field. By seeing meaningful comments, users will become interested in their authors, which may in turn have an impact on liking our website.

Another method is cross-promotion, which is nothing more than mutual recommendation by the parties. Also in this case, it should be remembered that the pages must be related, at least to a minimal extent, thematically. Otherwise, not only will this type of ad look strange, users will immediately guess that something is not as it should be.

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What to avoid when gaining fans on Facebook?

It turns out that not all marketing tips that we find on the web are effective. Very often, novice website owners are looking for tips on how to get fans on Facebook, and the first thing that comes up in search engines are offers to buy likes. The price is usually attractive, and within a few days we get even several thousand page likes - it seems to be a great deal. However, it should be remembered that these are fictitious accounts, there are no customers behind them. Yes, the statistics of our website will improve for a while, but it will not change the company's profit in any way. Such likes will not generate traffic on the fanpage - you cannot count on any comments. For a short while, this seems to be the right solution, but in a broader perspective, it will add virtually nothing to the marketing process of the fan page.

The case of contests on Facebook, which is quite a contentious topic, is similar. On the one hand, it is a chance to attract new fans, it is also possible to engage them to say something or like. However, one has to consider whether after the competition is over, everyone will not give up liking the fanpage - there are a lot of such people on the Internet.

When starting your adventure with online marketing, it is worth asking yourself: how to get fans on Facebook and then analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each method. It is also worth considering whether we only care about statistics that do not really bring any effect, or maybe we focus on real fans who will become potential customers for our products and services. It should also be remembered that any not entirely legal methods of acquiring fans on Facebook may end up blocking or completely removing the fanpage.