A loyal customer - how to get one?

Service Business

Acquiring customers for an e-shop is a challenge faced by entrepreneurs from the e-commerce industry. You really have to make every effort to ensure that the user makes a purchase in our store. In the age of the Internet, an e-shop is a completely natural thing, more and more consumers are choosing this form of shopping, primarily because of the possibility of saving time. That is why many entrepreneurs decided that an online store is a perfect business idea. Therefore, with such a significant increase in competition, good marketing and PR is an absolute basis. The most valuable for such a business is the so-called a loyal customer driving the development of the e-shop. Many owners are unaware of their importance in the survival of the company. Such a customer not only regularly visits our store, but also gladly recommends it to his friends. Read our article and find out who the loyal customers are, how to attract them and keep them in the ranks of the online store.

Who exactly is a loyal customer?

A loyal customer is a person who has shopped with us and is happy to come back again. She does not need to look for a product in competitive stores because she is satisfied with the quality of the assortment and service we offer. In addition, a loyal customer will recommend our store to his friends and family. This procedure will generate new customers for us, because many people prefer to shop in a place recommended by their relatives (first-hand message) than by unknown users, e.g. a forum. In addition, it is worth knowing that acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than maintaining a permanent one. It is also known that 20% of customers bring 80% of profits for the company, so it is worth making sure that the customer is satisfied with the purchase and comes back to us for the next one.

In fact, true loyalty means more than a customer's long-term commitment to the company and its services. First of all, it means a positive association evoked by a given online store in the customer and the established long-term relationship.

How to get a loyal customer?

This question bothers many entrepreneurs, but the answer to it is unambiguous, because gaining a loyal customer takes place on many levels. It also largely depends on the imagination, originality and knowledge of the e-shop owner himself.

The most common "lures" are:

  • freebies - we add a free surprise to each shipment, it does not have to be some very valuable thing, for example, a perfume or cream sample is enough (depending on what a given store has in its assortment);

  • promotions - which can only be used by regular customers;

  • various types of discounts - e.g. free delivery, etc.;

  • loyalty programs - we give customers the opportunity to collect points, which they will later be able to exchange for e.g. shopping vouchers;

  • Affiliate programs - loyal customers attract more consumers to us, and in return we pay them a commission on purchases made by these consumers.

Unfortunately, the lures alone are not enough, because a loyal customer cannot be bought. So, to get him, you need to learn as much as possible about him, establish permanent relationships with him, personalize contact with him, try to meet his needs. These treatments will allow us to construct an offer for an individual customer, thanks to which we will gain his satisfaction, and a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. We need to build a customer base - after registering them, we gain data about them, including their e-mail address, and after they make purchases, we see what interests them. Creating surveys can additionally enrich the knowledge we collect about customer preferences.

A loyal customer, i.e. trust in the brand

Gaining the trust of the consumer is the most important point in keeping a loyal customer. If customer service is at the highest level, their expectations and needs are met, their attention is sought, and sooner or later they will trust the brand. However, for this to happen, you have to really work hard, and in the case of e-business, the matter becomes so difficult that we do not have face to face contact with the client. Therefore, in order to gain the customer's trust, there are a few tricks you should apply:

  • storytelling - describe the history of your company's activity, its profile, maybe even the owner of the store itself, to make it less anonymous. Make your client feel like a trustworthy entrepreneur with nothing to hide.

  • contact - share an e-mail address, telephone number or contact form, thanks to which customers will be able to ask a question about a given product or service. Make sure that the customer service is of the highest quality and that you are dealing with a professional company.

  • simple and clear interface - we must make sure that the customer has no problems navigating the site. The slightest mistake can cause the transaction to fail;

  • product description - interesting but truthful description of our goods or services. Misleading the user is the first step to losing a customer;

  • purchase regulations - give the user the opportunity to learn about all regulations regarding the form of shipment, the possibility of returning the goods, etc.;

  • high-level service - sending the goods as described, carefully packing and adhering to the agreed deadlines, taking into account customer suggestions, promptly answering their questions - all this will increase our chances of gaining a loyal customer;

  • cooperation with the media - good contact with the media can provide us with more loyal customers. Consumers often trust the media they know and love, so they put the first brick to build our success and therefore should not be underestimated.

You have been using the benefits of marketing and PR for a long time, but you still have few customers, and when you get them, they don't stay with you any longer? Well, maybe you should just change your approach to them - not just focus on getting them, but on acquiring them permanently, and at a time when competition in the e-commerce market is still growing, a loyal customer is a real treasure. However, taking up the fight is worthwhile, because we are actually fighting for the success of our business, and having a base of loyal customers is its basis.