How to get online customer feedback?

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Online opinions about the company play an extremely important role in today's world. The vast majority of consumers, before using the services of any company, carefully check its reviews, because it is a very wide body of knowledge. These companies, which are assessed largely positively, do not have problems with acquiring new customers. Many entrepreneurs wonder if there is any way to get online feedback faster. With them in mind, we have prepared the following article.

The role of online opinion in the modern world - statistics

The great importance of online opinions is perfectly illustrated by the current statistical data. In 2017, BrightLocal conducted an online opinion perception survey in the United States with over 1,000 consumers. Its results were as follows: it turned out that as many as 97% of consumers read opinions about a given company on the Internet before making a final purchase decision.

In turn, 85% of respondents indicated that they trust opinions published on the Internet to the same extent as the recommendations of family or friends. This data clearly underlines the great role that online opinions play today.

It is worth noting that if a company neglects this area, image and financial losses can be extremely severe. Myles Anderson, founder and CEO of BrightLocal, in a press release, emphasized that "The number of people who use online reviews is increasing every year. Additionally, the bar is set higher and higher, as 50% of consumers pay attention only to those companies that they have ratings of 4-5 stars ".

The most popular ways to get feedback on the Internet

Currently, online customer opinions can be obtained in a variety of ways. There are a number of portals and applications through which users can share their insights about a specific company.

Customer reviews can be posted in the following places:

  • a business card in Google maps - this is where the vast majority of Internet users look for information about a specific company,
  • Facebook reviews - Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, so our brand should also be present there,
  • opinions on portals used to use specific services, e.g. Glovo or (when a company sells food), Booking or Overnight (when we provide hotel services), Allegro or OLX (when we sell), etc.,
  • opinions presented on portals specializing in presenting opinions (including Opineo).

If our company deals with sales via the Internet, it is worth considering implementing special software on the e-shop website that will allow users to express their opinions on individual products and services. A great idea for companies is also to create a separate tab entitled. "They trusted us" or "References". You can post positive opinions of those customers who have used our services and agreed to such publication.

How to react to negative online reviews?

Literally anyone can publish an online opinion about companies on the Internet. It often happens that the influx of negative opinions is caused by the competition. What can a company attacked in such a dishonest manner do? First of all, we encourage you to monitor all reviews posted by internet users on an ongoing basis. If there are any negative comments, please reply to them.

In many cases it is possible to prove that a given negative opinion is not backed up by reality. The most important thing is not to bury your head in the sand and to answer all questions or doubts. Such action will allow the company to build a positive image on the Internet in a relatively quick and easy way.

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How to encourage customers to post a positive opinion about our company?

As for the willingness to publish opinions about a given company, for obvious reasons, they are much higher when the customer is disappointed with the product or customer service. On the other hand, when he is satisfied, his motivation to share his observations on the Internet is much weaker.

For this reason, many entrepreneurs focus on actively obtaining recommendations about their brand. How and when can this be done? If the transaction has already been finalized and the customer has already received their product, you can email them asking them to provide feedback on their buying experience.

At the same time, you should be aware of the risks associated with it. Namely: the message can also reach a person who was not satisfied with our services. For this reason, in the prepared message, it is worth asking if the customer is satisfied with the purchased item, if he has any doubts, etc.

An additional factor motivating customers to publish their opinions may be giving them a discount on the next order in return.

More reviews mean more conversions

Research on the specificity of online stores has shown that customers much more often decide to make a purchase decision if the products they browse have reviews. It is also important that the recommendations are true and reliable. The greatest added value for customers is those reviews in which customers report what the use of a given product looks like in everyday life, discuss their disadvantages and answer specific questions from Internet users considering the purchase.


Online reviews are now one of the most important metrics taken by most customers before making a purchasing decision. If we want to build a positive image and systematically expand the group of customers, we should make sure that the reviews about our company are overwhelmingly positive.