Perception Errors - How Should You Deal With Them? Part 2

Service Business

Perception errors are exploited by skillful manipulators. Perception errors affect the incorrect reception of information, we are not able to prevent perception errors. What traps can a contractor set for us? What should we pay attention to?

Perception errors - the effect of supporting decisions - one of the perceptual errors

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Sometimes all kinds of decisions need to be made. When faced with a dilemma, we gather arguments that, on the one hand, would support making a specific choice, and, on the other hand, indicate the negative effects of such a decision. Skilled manipulators who want to convince someone of their opinion give more positive consequences of making a certain choice. This mechanism is also used by sellers in stores. Delighted by the value of a given product, we already know what we should buy. Then perception errors arise.

Example 1.

Kowalski decided to buy a new phone. He went to the living room. He didn't know which model to choose. The salesman started advising the man.

- This new phone model will enable you to quickly communicate with the world, it has a very strong antenna - the range catches everywhere! It is waterproof. You can buy it in 3 colors. Its only drawback is that you need to recharge it every other day with heavy internet use. But the set includes a wireless charger!

The seller was silent that the phone is one of the most expensive and most emergency models available in the store.

Before making a certain decision, always try to create a complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Regardless of whether you make a decision in the store or choose a new employee - watch out for people who only present the advantages of making a given choice. Such people do not want to help you make the best choice, but only use your indecision to convince you of their opinion.

Perception errors - confirmation effect - watch out for this perception error

If we have already made a decision and we are not sure if our choice was right, we try to look for facts that confirm that we did the right thing. Manipulators also take advantage of this perceptual bias by providing us with arguments that indicate that we should do something a certain way. Thanks to this, we make sure that we are working well. It gives us a sense of peace and security.

If you are in doubt about the rightness of your decision, weigh up the pros and cons. Look for facts that indicate you may have made a mistake. Look out for negative information. If you do not find them - the decision has been made correctly. However, if you find facts that indicate your mistake - you will not change a decision made in the past, but you will be smarter for the future.

Contrast error - a perception error used by traders

Traders often take advantage of the contrast error to sell a certain product. The use of this perception bias is to point the customer to several products - usually 2 or 3. One of them is very expensive, and the price of the other is average compared to the price of the first product, although it is also a high-end product. When comparing the articles, the client will choose the one that will be cheaper. Perhaps he would have opted for a different product, even cheaper, if he had been presented with the entire assortment offer.

Try to make all the decisions yourself. Browse the store's offer and then ask the seller for help. Do not rely on his help, because it is in his best interest to sell you the product that will bring you the most profit.