How to concentrate and improve your effectiveness?

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We live fast, we do a lot of activities, we have a lot of work, even more distractions around us, so it's no wonder that it is more and more difficult for us to focus on the tasks. As a result, we drag them out over time, we do not complete them, we do them very superficially. How do you concentrate on one task at a time when it seems almost impossible?

How to concentrate - proper diet

If you were to ask a random group of people what to eat or drink to fully concentrate on the tasks, most would certainly answer without hesitation: coffee. This is how most of us support. However, we must not forget that too many cups during the day can be bad for our health. Certainly no one wants his heart to suffer. Besides, the more coffee we drink, the more irritable we may feel. So let's remember that such a booster is worth limiting. In addition, not everyone likes this characteristic taste, and how to concentrate, many want to know.

Probably no one doubts how important a proper diet is in our lives. Therefore, it should not be surprising that healthy, rational eating also affects the work of our brain.

First of all, let's remember the importance of drinking water. Dehydration may make us feel sleepy, tired, we will not be able to focus on anything, and to make matters worse, we may start to have a headache. Always keep a glass of water close at hand and don't forget to drink it.

Breakfast can also improve our concentration. There is a reason it is said to be the most important meal of the day. A wholesome breakfast will make our brain work better, improve short-term memory and we will be full of energy throughout the day (if, of course, we do not give up the other meals).

What we eat is significant, but it is impossible not to pay attention to how much we eat. When a person is eaten, he cannot concentrate fully, and the only thing he dreams about is a nap.

Anyone who likes sweets should stock up on a few cubes of dark chocolate. The pyrazine contained in it helps to speed up the reaction time and simply makes it easier for us to think.

Our diet should include omega-3 fatty acids. So let's introduce fish, nuts, avocados and olive oil to it. They will also increase the efficiency of our brain and improve its work.

It is also worth drinking lemon balm. Although it might seem that such herbs calm down, so they make you lazy - nothing could be further from the truth! It is true that lemon balm will calm our nerves, but also awaken our mind.

Parsley is also perfect for concentration. It is not only an excellent source of vitamin C, but also one of the ingredients that facilitate the proper functioning of the brain.

Ginger will also improve concentration and memory, all because it improves the blood supply to the brain.

So there is no doubt that when looking for the source of your concentration problems, you need to look carefully at what you eat. Perhaps this is where the problem lies. However, it is not only the question of diet that is important.

How to concentrate? Sleep and exercise!

The beneficial effect of the right amount of sleep on our body is undeniable. It is no different in the case of concentration. How to concentrate and actively take care of the task when we are sleepy. Heavy eyelids, escaping thoughts and one dream: going to bed again will certainly not make everything we have to do done quickly, efficiently and well. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the right amount of sleep for us. Besides, it will increase not only our concentration, but also our immunity, which is also not conducive to activity.

If our energy levels drop during the day and we have no way to concentrate, then if we can, instead of drinking a cup of coffee, it is better to lie down for 10-20 minutes. Such a short nap perfectly regenerates and makes us return to work with redoubled strength.

During the day, you should find at least 10 minutes just for yourself, which we will devote only to relaxation, remove everything that we constantly think about and, for example, stare at the ceiling. Rest is really important and you should not postpone it all the time.

For the brain to work better, you need to exercise. Regular physical activity oxygenates the brain and makes it work much better. Also, when we say exercise, we don't just mean body movement. Let's not forget about brain gymnastics - let's solve a puzzle, try sudoku or a crossword puzzle, let's spend some time composing puzzles.

What else can you do for your concentration?

Are you well-rested, eat healthy, run 3 times a week, do crosswords in your spare time and still don't know how to concentrate? Perhaps all kinds of distractions bother you.

First of all, it is worth taking control of your workplace. Always keep your desk and computer tidy. Prepare everything you need in advance and put it within easy reach.

Concentrate on only one task at a time. Take care of him from beginning to end. Thanks to this, you will not break out of the rhythm and it will be easier for you to control it.

You still have too many thoughts in your head and when you do one job, you are already thinking about how to do another, so you do everything not quite the way you want? Write down everything that comes to your mind at once, you will organize your thoughts and you will be able to concentrate on what is most important.

Turn off phone sounds, notifications, turn off the internet if possible, or block any sites that may distract you. It will be much easier for you to concentrate if you do not hear the sound of Facebook messages, you do not interrupt your work with a half-hour conversation with a friend and you do not spend 3 hours on a gossip site.

Also remember to dress comfortably, as long as your company's dress code allows it. It is difficult to concentrate on the tasks when something is hurting and crushing you. Elegant but comfortable outfit will hit the spot.