How to effectively use e-mail marketing in a campaign?

Service Business

E-mail marketing is one of the most widely used advertising tools on the web. To create an effective online campaign, you need a lot of effort and fine-tune all the elements included in the mailing. This is because the vast majority of Internet users equate this form of marketing with ordinary spam. Daily, users receive at least a dozen of this type of messages, which are most often ignored or thrown into the SPAM tab. So what steps should be taken to be noticed in the maze of worthless information?

Email marketing - target audience

First of all, we need to investigate which target group our message will be interested in. The situation will be easier if we run our own website where users register. Having access to the e-mail address of recipients, we can assume that they will be interested in our mailing, provided, however, that we meet other relevant conditions.

E-mail marketing - subscription

Before we decide to start email marketing, it is imperative that you allow visitors to unsubscribe from your campaign. Even if our website contains valuable content, and we opt out of such notification, our image may suffer significantly in the minds of Internet users.

Therefore, it is worth clearly defining the rules of participation in the subscription. Such information should be prominently displayed on the website, and additionally, it is advisable to send a one-time e-mail with a reminder - preferably immediately after registering a new user.

Email Marketing - Catchy Headline

It is not necessarily about tempting users with slogans such as "promotion", "free", "discount". In the case of trade in goods, it is worth confirming an attractive offer in at least a few sentences, because lying to the customer may have the opposite effect to the intended one. If we run a thematic website, it is a good idea to introduce, for example, a weekly summary of the most interesting industry events. A person who has previously visited our website will certainly become interested in this type of message sooner. In one place it contains a collection of the most interesting information, and on the other, it approaches the client honestly, not convincing to the fictitious advantages of clicking on a link. You can also create two types of headers and then send to 10-20% of recipients. Once we have examined the interest in individual titles, we can send the other subscribers enjoying more hits.

E-mail marketing - subject

The topics we want to present must be closely related to the header so that the user does not feel cheated at the beginning - hence only one step to the SPAM tab. The text should not be too long and should contain a short summary of the issues discussed, with a mandatory link to the full text. Therefore, it is important to use keywords properly, and even try to argue with the recipient - a properly structured problem question may motivate you to go to the website.

E-mail marketing - graphic design

The binding is another essential element of the mailing campaign. Here, the opinions are divided and it really all depends on the subject and target group. Some Internet users appreciate minimalism and short slogans containing up to five keywords to attract the attention of the recipient.

In some cases, the graphics should, in turn, be equated with the appearance of the website we represent - the website logo, an exemplary photo related to the topic and the graphic design related to the website. On the other hand, an overabundance of colors or flickering pictures may be counterproductive.

Therefore, it is worth considering this issue carefully and - if we have such a possibility - let the user turn off the photos while displaying.

E-mail marketing - correctness of links

This point seems obvious, but there are often incorrect links in the transmission of messages. Internet users remember our mistakes or flaws much more often, so when the next e-mail appears, they may be less willing to reach for new information on our website.

E-mail marketing - awards

It is worth preparing each e-mail campaign in such a way that it is addressed individually to a given recipient. The data that the user provides during registration on the website will help us in this operation. Therefore, it is worth using the addressee's name, emphasizing in the message how important the customer is to us, and even offering him access to unique "VIP" materials - being distinguished, the user will be more likely to be interested in our product or service.

E-mail marketing - integration with the recipient

Email marketing does not have to be one-way communication. You can, through a catchy topic, encourage discussion on the website, and even interact directly, e.g. by giving an interview about our product. In this way, we will win the favor of subscribers, because on the other side of the barricade stood their representative, i.e. a satisfied customer. Sometimes it is worth trying an interesting or funny link with a picture or a movie - but referring to the subject of the page. If internet users like it, it will be passed on thanks to word of mouth, thus increasing the chance of attracting new users.