How to create a good blog - rules of conduct

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Do you have your own business and are you going to create a corporate blog? Or have you already put it on and are thinking how to improve it? You do not know yet what you should pay special attention to when running a blog and how to take advantage of the advantages of your corporate blog? Impress your audience with both content and form - stand out by replacing your traditional blog with a blog. In this text, we'll tell you how to create a good blog!

How to create a good blog - where to start?

If you've decided to run a company blog, you've made a very good decision. This is a great way to promote your brand on the Internet and increase its awareness among recipients. In addition, it allows you to effectively tell the story of your brand, creating a narrative using brand archetypes. On a company blog, you will quickly move from the position of a trader to the position of an expert.

If you do not know how to create a good blog or are just about to start a corporate blog, you should definitely start by choosing the right web address for it. It would be good if it was similar to and related to your website address. Decide on the appropriate domain, because the address, e.g., does not look very professional.

An internet address is a showcase, a vignette of your company - the best one will be one that will allow the internet user to immediately realize what content he will find on the blog and who can run it. By the way, remember that the address should be as easy to remember as possible.

How to create a good blog and how to run it?

Choosing a domain is the very beginning of your adventure with a company blog. Now you need to start creating the content you put on it. It is important not only what you communicate to your blog audience, but also how you do it. In a few points, we will present how to create a good blog and what you should remember to make your blog effective and arouse the interest of Internet users.

  1. Be clear about the goal you want to achieve with your company blog. Once you have it outlined, make a plan outlining how you want to achieve it. Stick to your goal, but modify your paths when they start to turn out to be ineffective.

  2. Make sure that the content that appears on your blog is of value to your readers. Do not duplicate information from your company's website on your blog - the blog must be less rigid. Advise readers, provide interesting opinions and comments on specific industry topics, present news from the industry and your company, show its human face. Remember that attractive content is not only words - attach interesting, original graphics related to the topic, insert video, e.g. with product reviews. Check each new entry several times before publishing it - even minor errors can translate into negative feelings of visitors to your blog.

  3. Now you need to determine how often you will post to your blog. You should definitely do it regularly - it is not good to overdo it both with flooding your readers with new posts and with too long downtime, which will make Internet users lose interest in your blog. Create specific cycles that you will continue on certain days of the week - e.g. on Mondays - product tips, Wednesdays - comments and opinions, Fridays - reviews. Readers will be curious about the rest of the series and will start visiting your blog regularly.

  4. A blog, unlike a website, allows visitors to comment on your posts. Read the comments and use what your readers write. Often, thanks to this, you can improve your offer and adapt it to the needs of customers. Respond to comments and receive advice or comments from visitors.

  5. Be visible - put on your blog links to your company's pages or profiles on social media. Decide to use the RSS feed - thanks to this, interested people will be up to date with news on your blog.

  6. Use positioning mechanisms - place a link to your blog on industry website directories, cooperate with other bloggers by exchanging links, refresh links to previous entries in new posts, use appropriately selected keywords.

  1. The blog is an important element of the brand image. Take care of the graphic side of the blog, its readability, clarity and navigation on the website. After all - when they see you, that's how they write you. Avoid entries that do not bring any specific or new information, remove spam and worthless comments.

  2. Be creative, create something out of the box and break the routine on your blog. Readers will surely notice and appreciate it!

What is a blog?

You've already learned how to create and maintain a good blog. You also know that creativity is worthwhile. It allows your blog to stand out from hundreds or thousands of similar pages. A good way to break through existing and widely used blog patterns and schemas is to create a blog.
Blogazine (blogazine = blog + magazine) - a blog with an original style and design, with its graphic design resembling websites of well-known magazines. This often translates into content - posts are longer, more carefully prepared and therefore published a bit less frequently.

A blog will allow you to easily stand out from the crowd of other similar blogs.Design or commission specialists to design an original, interesting and artistic graphic layer of your blog, think about the content provided in an unusual form. The blog requires replacing several short posts published in one day with one carefully prepared post published every two or three days. This is what an example blog might look like.

The blog, however, requires a lot of experience with HTML and CSS. Moreover, its creation is quite time consuming. The originality and recognizable, characteristic form of the blog is, however, an effective compensation for the time spent.