How to create a personal brand?

Service Business

How can you make your competitors vigilantly prick their ears when you hear your name, and your customers will acknowledge your professionalism with appreciation? Małgorzata Majewska, expert, will help you build your own strong brand.

There is no doubt that many of the things that inspire you on a daily basis are simply brands. All your purchasing decisions are certainly made by brand targeting. From portable devices to computers, clothes to shoes, cars to airlines, you probably already have a strong opinion on all the brands you've come across.

However, brands go much further - they influence people and their personalities. You have a formed and formed opinion on many topics thanks to brands and the opinions of their bosses.

You can become a brand yourself too. You can start creating yourself in the chosen industry so that contractors, employers, influential people and the whole "audience" form a positive opinion about you.

In this way, becoming a brand in itself can expand your career opportunities, contribute to promotion, increase revenues and promote you in the industry in which you operate.

Here are five basic tips to help you achieve this:

1. Point out what distinguishes you

Recognition based on a specific thing or feature is the first point in building the image of each brand. Are you: smart, resourceful, funny, clever? What's your hallmark? Whether it's TV stations or airlines, your brand must be completely different from the rest. So start building your image by looking at your resume and seeing if it offers a potential employer something new, original and different.

2. Be consistent

From your CV to your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter account, make sure your posts and messages are there

consistent and consistent with who you really are. If potential partners, employers, or industry people want to form an opinion about you (and your brand) through such sources, being consistent in promoting yourself and your values ​​really helps. So if you are inconsistent and ambiguous in what you do and write, that is how everyone else will see you. Sending conflicting signals won't get you to the top.

3. Help the brand spread

Are you doing enough to promote and spread your brand? Undoubtedly, we all spend a lot of time in the virtual world, but are we making good use of this time? Post your CV, be public, or be active in the field of your industry on the Internet on major forums and discussion groups. Let yourself be seen.

4. Don't rush this

The largest brands (and the successful people associated with them) did not become what they are today overnight. All of this takes time and requires planning. Figuring out who you really are and how you want to be seen is the first step. However, pushing your brand in the right direction towards success should be a constant part of your actions as opposed to sudden and one-off activity. Of course, when you gain more confidence and sophistication, you can act more dynamically and more effectively, but a slow start will allow you to get to know and "feel" it all, to see how it works in your industry.

5. Be credible

Regardless of whether you are in the IT sector, in finance, marketing, law or show business - you have to constantly make your brand credible. Nobody will take you seriously if you propagate and promote crazy and impossible ideas and ideas that sound absurd. People believe in brands - so they will believe in yours if they are sure they can trust you.

So take some time to think about who you really are, what you want to achieve, then strive for it, promote yourself, be successful and inspire others - advises Małgorzata Majewska, an expert at