Content marketing - what is it and how to create it?

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Content marketing, i.e. content marketing, is one of the promotion strategies that allows you to attract potential recipients.

Content marketing is based on an activity on the Internet that assumes that a person creating content for websites will be found by a potential reader. Therefore, it focuses on creating content that will be attractive to the recipient and at the same time will allow to increase the interest in products or services offered by the company.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing, otherwise known as content marketing, is an activity the basis of which is to attract potential customers by means of attractive texts published by them. These articles should be interesting from the point of view of the recipient, so usually the target group to which they are addressed is strictly defined. Content marketing is based on a one-sided advertising message, aimed at building long-term and stable relationships with readers, based on the involvement of not only the person reading the text, but also the one who wrote it.

Content marketing is also all content that is published on the Internet. Their basic task is to provide Internet users with true and reliable knowledge on a given topic. The most frequently used forms in content marketing include: guides, sponsored articles, e-books, expert articles, videos, webinars and infographics. Content marketing in a broader sense also includes content that is not created for the Internet. They include: articles in the trade press, magazines, folders, leaflets, catalogs, guides or books.

Content marketing tasks

Content marketing can be used on many levels. The most common one is promoting a given brand, product or service. By using content that is useful for the reader, producers try to promote their products by publishing information on their own websites or blogs that will allow the reader to learn about industry news, guide him in choosing the best product, etc. Publishing valuable and interesting from the point of view of Internet users articles allows companies to communicate with potential customers and increases sales many times over. The fact that content marketing is extremely useful from the point of view of companies is shown by statistical data that confirm that more and more entrepreneurs are increasing their marketing budgets for building and distributing useful content on the Internet. In addition, the number of companies that have decided to use content marketing to promote their goods and services is increasing every year, while considering it one of the most effective methods of increasing their sales.

In addition to activities aimed at popularizing the brand, content marketing is also used to optimize websites in terms of search engines. By publishing interesting and attractive content, you can be tempted to build links leading to the page, which significantly improves its credibility and increases the possibility of finding such a site on the web, and also affects its position in search engine search results.

Content marketing and inbound marketing

Content marketing is considered to be one of the inbound marketing strategies. The latter, also known as inbound marketing, is a type of marketing that involves taking actions that will enable recipients to find the person publishing the content on their own. Its basis is building a permanent relationship with recipients on the basis of a two-way model of communication and commitment from both sides.

The most frequently used inbound marketing strategies include: promoting the brand through social media, e.g. Facebook or Twitter, running a blog related to the industry or company, optimization of the website for search engines and content marketing - creating and sharing useful content on the Internet and attractive from the point of view of the potential recipient.

Inbound marketing activities are aimed at attracting as many people as possible interested in a given topic. Based on publishing valuable content through blogs and social media, marketers assume that potential readers will establish a lasting relationship with the company or brand, which in turn will allow them to increase sales.

Content marketing and viral marketing

Content marketing is also related to viral marketing, which is an activity in which potential readers themselves disseminate information about a company, product or service, thus building brand awareness. The marketer's job is to initiate a situation in which these potential customers will share information with each other. However, it is worth remembering that information alone is not always used for this purpose. Viral marketing may well be about building brand awareness, positioning it, or creating positive associations with a company's policy or logo.

There are many interesting strategies that are used in viral marketing.One of them is the dissemination of photos among themselves by Internet users, usually made as an amateur, or an interesting video. Gossip, trends and the so-called urban legends, which are designed to increase the interest of potential buyers of a product or service, also work well here. Another way is to disseminate interesting information free of charge with a more or less visible advertising message. The same applies to promotions and discounts, the assumption of which is that recipients will be encouraged to inform their friends and friends about them.

Content marketing strategy

Any person who would like to use content marketing in their promotional activities must be aware of the existence of three elements, which should consist of their good strategy. These are: distributing valuable content, gaining interest and ultimately triggering the engagement of our audience, which should gradually turn into benefits. Maintaining relationships with recipients, importantly, should be beneficial for both the reader and the person publishing the content. The first one should receive reliable and proven knowledge, maybe also a prescription, thanks to which he will solve his problems. The second - greater brand awareness among potential buyers and increased sales.