How to create effective slogans and advertising slogans?

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Slogans and advertising slogans are one of the most important elements on which an advertising campaign is based. A good slogan is a determinant that can accompany the company for many years, prompting new buyers to familiarize themselves with products and services.

An advertising slogan is a word element that, next to the brand name, is responsible for its identification in the minds of customers. In such a linguistic message, the content and meaning result, among others, from the mission, culture, and also from the company's strategy. Slogans and advertising slogans emphasize the features of the product that are intended to encourage potential buyers to buy it.

What do you need slogans for?

They are used primarily to draw the attention of a potential customer to the advertisement and the product offered in it, which in turn means the purchase of this good or service. Properly selected advertising slogans are effective because they respond to the needs of target groups, taking into account the activities of the competition and future development plans. This means that they are designed in such a way as to refer to emotions, facilitate remembering by, for example, the use of rhymes, ambiguities, jokes or references to popular culture.

Advertising slogans - features that are worth considering

In its assumption, the advertising slogan is a persuasive message that strengthens the idea of ​​the brand. This means that it should be easy to remember thanks to its characteristic structure. Memorization takes place by repeatedly recreating it in the media so that it can be encoded in the recipients' subconscious, at the same time making them aware of the product features that were emphasized in it. On the other hand, its deliberate combination with the brand's logo is a permanent record of this sign and other distinguishing features in the memory of potential customers.

Advertising slogans are usually used to: express the idea and make aware of the mission and vision of the brand, convey the most important distinguishing features and advertised features of the brand, highlight the main attribute, if it distinguishes it from other competing products, indicate a purchasing motive and direct messages to the target group.

Advertising slogans have a very diverse structure: some of them are short and simple, concise and fit into a specific convention. Therefore, in order to be able to distinguish the features of a good slogan, you should pay attention to the following indications. The advertising slogan should:

  • Refer directly to the brand it represents,

  • Represent the main benefit or feature of a product,

  • Distinguish the brand from the competition,

  • To promote positive values,

  • Present the unique character of the brand,

  • Be original,

  • Be credible.

Advertising slogans should not cause negative associations or criticism. At the same time, their form cannot be accidental. A slogan is a short message with content. At the same time, it should be constructed so that it is easy to remember and assimilate.

What criteria to consider when creating advertising slogans

There are a few things you should consider before creating your advertising slogan. The first is simplicity. Typically, advertising slogans consist of several words, up to six or seven. They should be chosen in such a way as to express a lot with a short slogan.

The originality of the advertising slogan is another element. In order for it to be remembered, it should create something more than just a bunch of words that almost everyone will put together - so it will not surprise anyone. Therefore, it is worth creating a slogan that will attract the attention of potential buyers through an unconventional approach to the product or service that it advertises.

Next is the consistency of the slogan with the brand, product and target group. The password should be appropriately matched to the type of the advertised item, but also to the people who are to use it.

The advertising slogan should emphasize the key quality of what it describes. Especially if the advertised product has a distinguishing mark that is not present in the product offered by the competition. Information about him should definitely be included in the slogan. Otherwise, it's a good idea to focus on showing the main benefit that the potential buyer will get from buying or using the item.

The last criterion is credibility. It may turn out that even the best password will not be received positively if it is not credible. Advertising slogans that are effective carry the truth. It is not worth highlighting information that is a lie in them, as it will be quickly verified by those who purchased the product.

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Advertising slogans - what language techniques to choose

For some people, coming up with advertising slogans may seem like a straightforward procedure. Just a moment and a few better or worse ideas appear on the piece of paper. Fortunately, there are techniques the use of which can make your slogans more attractive.

One of them is alliteration, i.e. the repetition of one or more sounds, at the beginning or in accented positions, in one or more words, as it happens, for example, in poetry. This technique is especially useful because it gives the slogan a certain melody and thus it is easier to remember. An example of alliteration is the password: The future is clear, the future is Orange.

You can also try word games, i.e. passwords based on ambiguity. Wordplay passwords are usually considered inventive, original, and humorous. This makes them stand out from the crowd. Examples include advertising slogans of the Żubr brand: It's good to sit by Żubr or Żubr never gets bored. A similar strategy was used in the campaign of another beer - the Wojak brand. Slogan Wojak - goes to a civilian is an example of a wordplay.

Another technique is juxtaposition, especially those based on juxtaposing the features of the advertised product with its competitor. Such comparisons can be used when you want to emphasize an essential feature of a good with an average property of a competing product. On this basis, the advertised item seems to be much more interesting than the others. As part of this technique, it is possible to present a full-fledged opposition, while building an advantage on the basis of something that does not make the product unique, but is its average feature. Password Tic Tac - so much freshness and only two caloriesis an example of a statement.