How to choose a field of study? A practical guide

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High school students often do not know which studies they would like to go to until the very last moment. It is difficult to make decisions at the age of 18 or 19 that may affect your entire later life. Besides, they often don't know what studies suit their interests. How to choose a field of study? To bet on what are known as future-oriented courses or follow your interests?

How to choose a field of study and when to start?

Should you go to high school convinced of what you want to do in life? Certainly not. Of course, if the profile we are on is strictly defined, we usually go in this direction, but there is nothing to prevent us from changing it after graduating from high school. It may turn out that we are really interested in completely different things than before, we develop different passions, something is going better than we expected, so being closed within certain frames and persistent in them is not a good decision. Remember that people change, and few people from childhood to old age share the same interests.

Are you wondering how to choose a field of study and when should you make your choice? If we are interested in such fields as law or medicine, it is obvious that we have to apply ourselves to the required subjects and study intensively, because the results of the matura exam must be really good.However, if we are not completely convinced, let's not force ourselves, let's take the time, browse the websites of the universities we are interested in, check what faculties and specializations are offered to us, and if we still don't think of anything, let's wait. Hasty decisions can only leave us resigned and dissatisfied.

Therefore, let's take time and don't get tired of thinking that we don't know yet. Many people finish their studies and are still not 100% sure what they want to do. This is a perfectly normal attitude and shouldn't be worried about.

What to consider when choosing a university?

Think carefully about what you like to do and what you enjoy. If you find the answer to this question, start your search. You can go to an educator, ask older friends or just check on the internet what is related to your interests.

It is also worth looking at job advertisements if you know what profession you are interested in. Sure, it's hard to predict if he'll still be attractive when you graduate, but you'll see what employers require of people in this position. Thanks to this, you can verify it with the program that offers the field of study you are interested in.

Also, remember to check the specializations at the selected university. Even if the field of study itself does not seem to be interesting, a narrower scope may turn out to be interesting and innovative.

Is it worth taking a year off?

Is the one-year break after passing the Matura exam a good idea? It has its supporters and opponents. Some say that such a period can make you lazy or get used to work (not necessarily the one you dreamed of) that you will simply not want to return to learning. Others say this is the perfect time to make a decision. When is it worth the wait?

If you do not get into your dream university and the field of study that you have always dreamed of, think about whether it is better to focus fully on improving your baccalaureate and learning than go to random studies that will not give you joy. Such a gap year can make you perfectly prepare for the exams and you will be able to try recruitment again.

A gap year can also be a good time for undecided people. Are you interested in several directions and do not know what to choose? During this year, you can do internships, practice in this field, deepen your knowledge and decide what you feel best in.

Profession of the future or passion - how to choose a field of study in line with our interests?

In a situation where you are considering how to choose a field of study, you are suggesting which field of study is future-proof and not your dream one. Is this the right approach? Two extreme positions can also be heard here.

However, it is worth considering whether doing something that is completely uninteresting to us will not arouse in us some kind of anger, irritation, dissatisfaction with life. After all, you cannot fully fulfill yourself in a job that you do not like, even if it is very profitable. Therefore, if we have specific interests, let us follow the voice of the heart, not the mind (or rather the advice of other people). Passion will make us cope, because the energy that we will draw from the dream job will give us a huge kick to act.

How to choose a field of study so as not to regret your decision?

But what if we choose the desired field of study and it turns out that it does not suit us at all? Should I persist and finish my studies after all?

Remember that the field of study is not a life-long choice. If we feel that something is completely wrong for us or during the first year we start to be interested in something completely different, so the classes stop bringing joy - let's do everything to get the dream course and give up the current studies. Of course, such decisions apply not only to first-year students, although the farther into the forest, the more difficult it is to withdraw. But remember, it's never too late to start doing what you like and enjoy.

Is it good to leave a decision to the last minute? There is no definite answer. Everyone should find their own moment and decide for themselves when and what to choose. The field of study is a serious step into the future, it would be a pity to do it hastily.