How to publish an e-book, i.e. publishing house or self-publishing?

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Many people dream of publishing their book. However, this seems to be a very laborious and often unsuccessful process. Until recently, it consisted in sending the manuscript from the editorial office to the editorial office and counting on the favor of the editors. Nowadays, however, the Internet gives us almost unlimited possibilities. Thanks to it, we can publish our own book even in a few minutes (not counting the preparatory work). However, there are a few points that need to be considered. How to publish an e-book?

How to publish an e-book - stages

Of course, the first and most important step on the way to publishing an e-book is to prepare the text of the book. It is really worth putting some effort into this, after all, as authors, we are responsible for the content and most often we sign it with our own name.

It's also good not to hide the book in a drawer (or in this case, rather, a file in a folder), because other people's opinion about what we wrote is extremely important. It's worth asking a few people to review our e-book. Thanks to this, we will be able to correct many errors at this stage, if they appear.

You should invest in editing and proofreading the book (if you decide to self-publish). It is difficult to be your own proofreader, or in fact it is simply impossible in the long run. Often times you simply do not see your mistakes. The linguistically correct book proves our professionalism. Some self-publishing sites offer to edit and proofread your book and convert it into an e-book for a fee. Usually it ranges between PLN 500 and PLN 700.

We can transform our text file into an e-book by ourselves. Remember that the e-book is usually in MOBI or ePUB format, not PDF, because the former are better suited to the screens of tablets, readers or smartphones. The e-book can be assembled by yourself in programs such as iBooks Author (Mac) or Adobe InDesing (Windows), or in its free equivalent, Scribus. The file conversion can be done e.g. in Caliber.

However, this stage can be omitted, depending on the page on which we intend to publish the book. And this should be our next step - choosing the place of publication. It is worth seeing many websites dealing with such activities, compare offers, check the possibilities. Do not make decisions lightly.

Let's also consider the forms of promoting our e-book. Let's determine which channels we will conduct it, among which audience and in what places. Let's also take into account any costs and set a budget. It is worth noting in the text that copying its content is prohibited.

Publishing house or self-publishing?

As mentioned above, an important step is to choose the page where we want to place our e-book. It is worth considering whether we will publish the book on our own or try to take advantage of the publisher's offers.

Currently, many websites offer self-publishing, i.e. the possibility of publishing your work right away. Remember, however, that then only us are responsible for all stages of the promotion.

What speaks in favor of the publishing house?

  • Professional editing and proofreading of our book will be performed.

  • The publisher will promote the e-book.

  • The publisher will distribute the e-book.

Remember, however, that the editors must first accept our text and say that it is interesting. In addition, a large percentage of sales revenues will go to the publishing house.


What speaks in favor of self-publishing?

  • Full independence in creating the e-book.

  • Freedom of publication.

  • Greater (or total) percentage of the profit for the author.

Remember, however, that the mere placement of an e-book on the website does not guarantee success. We need to promote and distribute the book. If we do it incorrectly, no one will notice our position among others.

If self-publishing, where?

If we decide to self-publish, we must be aware that there are plenty of places where you can publish an e-book. There are special websites, you can also create a site for your publication, and a blog if you have one is a good place to post your book.

We have to decide for ourselves which place is best for us. In the case of creating a website or a publication on a blog yourself, it is worth remembering that we have to determine the price of such a book and payment options ourselves. Let us use moderation in everything and measure our strengths on our intentions.

You can definitely say that publishing a book has never been as easy as it is now. It is worth noting, however, that this facility has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Remember that each decision has to be considered, including how to publish the e-book and what it will involve. Fulfilling the dream of your own publication is at your fingertips, you should make good use of this opportunity.