What are the accountants' salaries and what should be their competences?

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Over the years, the accounting profession has changed. Today, a person working in this industry should demonstrate a number of necessary competencies that classify him as earning a high salary. So what are the accountants' earnings and what are their duties?

Salary in the accounting industry

The National Remuneration Survey shows that accountants in Poland can earn up to PLN 10,000 net. Based on the report, it can be concluded that the average salary in this profession in 2016 fluctuated around PLN 3,900. These differences are dictated primarily by the scope of duties and a wide range of competences.

People who are just starting their career in the accounting profession can count on a net remuneration of PLN 2,000, while a year ago their earnings were lower by PLN 500. The earnings trend is increasing and in 2018 it will reach up to PLN 2,500. However, it should be taken into account that this applies to people who are just taking their first steps as accountants, are in the course of their studies or only after their graduation, and their experience is little or no.

Accountant's earnings

As it turns out, it is not the length of service that proves the amount of earnings. Accountants who even have several years of experience in the industry, dealing only with a given pillar, have a range of competences related only to this field. People responsible for a specific specialization in the company, cost accounting or sales settlement receive payments of PLN 3,500 per hand.

Portrait of a balancer - the scope of duties and the amount of salary

Independent people who are fully responsible for the closure of the settlement period can count on earnings of up to PLN 6,000 per hand. This is due to a greater scope of duties and a higher degree of responsibility. By expanding his competences with knowledge in accordance with the letter of the law, the ability to advise tax and effective financial control, such an accountant has a chance to receive remuneration in excess of PLN 6,000. This amount depends, therefore, on the duties of the chief accountant, which, apart from typical for this profession, also focus on taking responsibility for the accounting and financial department and the ability to organize the work of the subordinate team of employees. The level of salary is also influenced by the understanding of the company's operating principles. Knowing the direction of its development combined with constant and effective cooperation with the management board, aimed at improvements that bring measurable benefits to the individual, can contribute to increasing earnings.

What affects the amount of earnings?

Over the years, there has been a noticeable change in the functions performed by the accountant. Its basic duties, such as typical administrative work, data processing or monitoring of the current legal status, have been expanded with new ones. Currently, working in this position is a combination of a tax advisor, accountant and financial director, and people with these competences are most desired by employers. Merging these professions into one results primarily from the need to ensure the greatest possible sense of security for "your" payer, which in turn translates into constant counseling.

The scope of competences that classifies the interested person to the position of an independent accountant, which results in high earnings, is the knowledge of:

  • the Accounting Act,
  • tax ordinance,
  • KSR,
  • IAS,
  • IFRS,
  • and the ability to prepare financial statements and reports on the entity's financial position.

The duty of modern accountants is also a detailed knowledge of tax law, not only in the field of the correct preparation of tax declarations, but also in the effective reduction of taxes paid. In addition, the chief accountant supervises the preparation of the annual budget or long-term plans and is responsible for the financial liquidity of the unit. On his side is also negotiating contracts, e.g. with banks or leasing companies, the skillful conduct of which is dictated by the understanding of commercial and business principles.

Evolution of the profession and new technologies

In the age of the Internet, the traditional form of duties has been replaced by modern technological mechanisms. Today, most accountants use ERP tools in their daily work, which have the function of automatic sales accounting, import of bank statements or the possibility of tax checking. As a consequence, manual data entry has been replaced with full automation of accounting processes, and the time saved is even associated with the possibility of expanding own competences and conducting consulting activities.

The offices of fiscal control authorities also benefit from the privileges associated with technological progress. Currently, the Ministry of Finance is at the stage of creating a solution that will be used to automatically add invoices to the accounting systems. Once it is made available, the accountants will only have to assign the documents correctly.

Currently, the most popular are software that allows users to use them regardless of the place and time they are. The websites are created primarily in accordance with the convenience of use and compliance with current legal regulations. The right accounting system will benefit the entire company, as choosing the right one will ensure the comfort of work not only for the accountant, but also enable convenient and quick access to the company's tax information.

To sum up, the development of online accounting systems is intensive, and the way legal regulations are reflected in them is a complicated process, which we will describe in more detail in the next article.