How to set up an online store? - practical tips

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When setting up an online store, you have to make many decisions about what you will sell, how you will find customers, and how you will deliver your order. Additionally, you also need to consider aspects such as the appearance and features that your website will have.

The online store is characterized by certain operating principles that must be assimilated. You must also remember that not all solutions dedicated to online stores will work perfectly in your case. The success of your website will be determined not only by what you sell, but also by the fact which feature you choose.

Online store - product selection

Certainly, you already know which industry you will be operating in and you are slowly starting to look for products that you intend to offer in your online store. A voice in the back of your head tells you that you should have enough goods on offer to attract as many potential customers as possible. But think about it again. To be able to sell a lot, you must own and store these goods. This means that one of the more serious costs you will have to bear are those associated with storing them in a designated place. In addition, the increased number of goods on offer may also result in spending more funds on expanding your website and increasing its readability.

You'd better follow the example of the e-commerce giants. When you look at the websites of the most popular online stores, you will see that they sell a small number of goods: a dozen, a maximum of several dozen. So it's not about having everything in stock. Bet on what seems to be the best choice and what your customers will definitely buy.

Online store and the type of site

You will certainly have to decide based on what type of website you will be operating. Will the platform or a dedicated store be more helpful to serve your customers?

A dedicated store is a special type of site that allows the owner to launch his e-store at a professional level or transfer an existing store to a new platform. This gives us the opportunity to maximize the adaptation of websites to the specific requirements of customers and to create a system integrated with other applications supported by him.

Platforms for implementing an online store can, in turn, be divided into paid and free. The ones that you have to pay for can be in the form of a ready-made license on the basis of which you can run your website, but there is no possibility of making any changes to them. The same applies to other types of paid platforms, where the user can only make small changes, sometimes even cosmetic.

The truth is that both in the case of a dedicated store and a platform, you have expensive tools at your disposal, the functions of which may or may not be used. In return for the preparation of the store, you will only pay for many functions and customizing the appearance of the store. A nice website or gadgets placed on it will not bring customers to your store. Therefore, consider whether it would be better to look for a free platform to set up your online store, and spend the saved money on positioning or buying banners.

The customer and the customer again

You probably already know it, but it must be clearly stated: in any business, buyers are the basis of operation. It doesn't matter whether you sell online, face to face or pack orders. No company and no online store will survive without people ordering products and services. After all, there must always be someone who buys and someone who sells.

For you as an online store retailer, this means, among other things, that you should not be too focused on what your store looks like and on the large number of features you have. You will not use most of these options. When it comes to great graphics, appearance is important, but if a page loads indefinitely because it contains so many elements, it will put any customer off you.

It is better to use the money spent on polishing your website on marketing campaigns that will attract potential customers. They, and not the perfect website, will be the source of your income because they will place orders with you.


When running an online store, you should remember one more thing. The customer is the value you need to focus on. Bet on the appropriate level of service and try to complete each transaction in a way that will leave a good impression on him. Obviously, sometimes there are problems and complaints. However, you must treat them as an integral part of your business. Imagine that the person who sent you another email regarding a non-working item is as frustrated with the situation as you are. It will only depend on your attitude whether the buyer will come back to you or will move to the competition.

Do you know that 95% of online stores die in the first year of their operation? Think about it and remember that every customer is worth its weight in gold. You can't survive without it.

Online store and its logistics

Your business will revolve around getting orders and buyers. Don't get ahead of the competition just because they offer a faster and easier method of delivery. Now that there are many online stores on the web, most of them have products at the same or similar prices. Due to the fact that you cannot lower these amounts indefinitely, you have to try to fight for the client in other ways.

Many sellers try to add freebies to their orders, free low-cost products that the customer will find a nice addition and a thank you for your purchases. You can try the same, but remember that these freebies are not free for you. Even if their price is low, if you order 1,000 items, it will not be.

However, you can offer something else. Choose the speed of order fulfillment. Your online store will not be multi-functional, which means your ordering time should be short. Add to this fast delivery. Do not save money to gain your client's satisfaction, and he will certainly come back to you. Express delivery of the ordered products will be one of the elements that will keep their willingness to buy from you.

Fast order fulfillment can become your hallmark, and therefore something that will make your website recognizable on the web, and the online store as a point of sale will gain recognition and reputation. Sometimes a good opinion is enough to attract more buyers.

Finally, you need to remember one of the most important rules - an online store is cooperation with buyers: one satisfied customer will tell three people about you, one dissatisfied customer - ten. The bill seems clear. The more you put into serving your clients, the more you will benefit from it. Do not limit the funds allocated to all marketing activities, as they are the basis of your business.