How to plan a trip, or where to go on vacation this year?

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A vacation is a dream moment of respite for busy people. Often times, this is really the only time of the year when they can relax, not think about work, household chores, and all the other responsible tasks they deal with on a daily basis. However, vacation is also associated with a lot of stress and our vacationers often ask themselves the same question - Can I afford such a trip? It turns out that we can do a lot, all we need is a little cleverness and patience. And of course you have to know where to look.

Travel far or near?

Finding the place where you want to go on vacation can turn out to be quite a challenge. The selection criteria are most often the following conditions: that it is cheap, that there are not too many people, that the weather is right. Of course, contrary to what we can read on the websites of some hotels, the weather can never be guaranteed. What about the other criteria?

If we do not want to spend a fortune on vacation, it does not mean spending holidays at the Polish seaside. If we search well, it may turn out that we will pay more for a hotel in Gdynia than for a week's stay in Greece! When planning a vacation, remember that in Poland in September it can be already chilly, but there are countries where high temperatures persist for a long time. Additionally, at the end of summer holidays, the tourist season ends in most European resorts. And prices automatically drop by up to 50%. It also means fewer people on the beaches and in restaurants.

Travel alone or with an office?

If you want to save on vacation, it is worth knowing that it is usually not profitable to use the offers of travel agencies. Why? They charge extra commission for everything they propose. After all, the driver, guide and group leader also have to earn money. The prices of transport or flights are also inflated. So it's best to use their services at the end of the season, when last minute prices drop drastically. You can easily plan such a trip yourself. How to do it?

The internet is of course helpful. There you will find a lot of websites that search for the best last minute offers every day for us. If you want to find them, just look at websites such as or There, we enter the date that interests us, the place where we would like to go and the maximum amount we want to spend. After a while, we get the most competitive vacation offers on the market. The choice is really big, and the most popular places are: Turkey, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Morocco and Spain. You do not have to be very lucky to close to 1000 zlotys for a week's vacation (with accommodation, meals, transport).

Purpose, access and ...

When planning such a trip yourself, you need to show good organizational and logistic skills. If we do not know exactly where we would like to go, it is worth following websites such as and They are updated several times a day and contain the latest information about promotions in airlines and buses. You can catch really cheap tickets to the most popular destinations, as well as very exotic and usually incredibly expensive places. Such a unique promotion may turn out to be a perfect holiday idea.

However, if you are interested in a specific place, it is good to follow the airline's websites every day, because prices change very quickly. Ryanair and Wizzair compete with each other, and we take advantage of it, thanks to which, with a bit of luck, you can fly to Paris for PLN 19, and to Crete for PLN 70. Apparently the cheapest tickets for the selected flight are six weeks before the date of the flight.

Once we choose a place, it is worth looking for accommodation. This is where special internet search engines come to our aid. Sites such as Hostelbookers, OnlyApartments, Airbnb or Wimdu will help you find accommodation anywhere in the world. Just like in the last minute search engine, we enter the city that interests us, the time frame, the maximum price and the number of people. Depending on our preferences, we can look for accommodation in a hotel, guesthouse or hostel. We can also search in apartments, studios and studios for rent.

...good plan

Finally, the more fun part is planning. Before leaving, it is worth reading a little about the place where we are going - what is worth visiting, what to see, in which restaurant we will eat the best regional food. If we are going to a more exotic place, it is worth reading a little about the culture of this country and its customs. Thanks to this, we will avoid unpleasantness. After all, holidays are there to rest, relax and recharge your batteries for the next year.