How to build a database of e-mail addresses in an online store?

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Have you just opened your online store and are starting to learn the e-commerce market? As a seller, you want to acquire as many customers as possible in the first place, but you cannot afford often expensive online advertising? How to reach customers and encourage them to buy in your store? In this situation, the best solution will be to build your own mailing database to which you will be able to send your promotional campaigns. In the article below, we suggest how to build a database of e-mail addresses in an online store.

How to build a database of e-mail addresses? - ways

Building your own mailing database is not only a short-term action and temporary profit, but also a long-term investment in a private, good-quality database of customers who have already expressed their interest in our offer by subscribing. Therefore, it is worth taking care of building it and using the elements of the online store described below to acquire contacts.

Pop-up promotion - that is, pop-up forms

If the customer goes to your store's website and you display (immediately or after some time) a pop-up window containing information about an attractive shopping discount in exchange for joining the list of subscribers, it is more likely that he will subscribe to your newsletter. Promotions work all the time, so it is worth using a discount for e-mail address, because in this case you offer the customer added value in exchange for leaving the contact, so that he does not feel used in any way, and sometimes even the opposite.

example -

Permanent form

Another way to build a database of e-mail addresses in an online store is the newsletter subscription forms that are permanently posted on the store's website. If someone uses this form, he or she most often places it on the home page and on subsequent subpages. All this so that the form is always visible and easy to find by the user. The form of this entry is different, but there must always be an appropriate incentive to leave the address. In the example below, this time the website owner offers an e-book in which the user will find 21 useful e-marketing tools. Encouraging? In our opinion, yes!

How to build a database of e-mail addresses in social media?

If you already run a fanpage of your store on Facebook, you probably have a group of followers who may not even know about your newsletter. Therefore, this channel of communication with customers should also be used to build a mailing database. How to do it? All you need to do is create a subscription form or a dedicated newsletter subscription page and post it on the store's Facebook profile. Today, social media is one of the most important places for companies to communicate with their recipients, who often turn out to be loyal customers.

Don't forget about offline activities - use printed materials

It is worth encouraging those people who have not been tempted to subscribe to your newsletter as part of online activities by using offline tools. It is about the use of all possible printed materials issued by the company - business cards, packaging of parcels of shipped products, paper coupons. As long as you offer the customer added value for subscribing to the newsletter - a discount or a good-quality e-book - then you should not worry about the lack of customers who will be willing to join your mailing database.

Use available e-marketing tools and get e-mail addresses

If you already know how to build a database of e-mail addresses in your online store, then you need to develop an e-mail marketing strategy that will be tailored to the needs and expectations of your subscribers. Well thought-out newsletters that appeal to the recipients' interests will help you sell even more, and then, based on specific customer activities - purchases, reservations - you can segment the collected address database and direct even more personalized messages to these groups.