How to get positive feedback about products in the online store?

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In the age of the Internet, shopping has become much easier. Most of the goods can be ordered online without leaving home, and before choosing, consumers have the opportunity to check what opinions about products sold in a given online store are circulating on the web.

This, of course, opens up many opportunities for sellers who, thanks to appropriate measures, can and are able to significantly increase their sales. But just as well, in the case of a poorly run online store and poor customer relations, consumers may express their dissatisfaction by posting unflattering opinions online. How to win the favor of the customer and make his opinions about the products offered in our e-shop as good as possible?

What is worth remembering when creating an effective offer?

Opinions about products begin to appear in the minds of recipients during the first contact with the website of the online store. The most viewed pages of the store are, of course, product pages. Therefore, you should take care that what is on them was as convincing as possible for the recipient.

It is worth starting with the basic issue, i.e. a good photo of the goods, preferably a few photos taken from different angles, so that the customer can form an opinion on the presented assortment. When buying an article on the web, we cannot pick it up and take a close look at it. That is why both good photos and product description (including technical parameters) are so important, which should be reliable, accurate and consistent with the facts, as well as interesting and pointing to the most important features of the product and emphasizing its advantages.

However, even the best description and the most attractive photos will not replace what customers are currently looking for the most - opinions about products expressed by other consumers. Good sellers have known for years that a dissatisfied customer will discourage many more potential consumers of our products than a satisfied customer will make them. Unfortunately, human nature is such that we share negative information with the environment much more often than with good information.

According to the latest research, opinions about other consumers' products are important to about 3/4 of potential customers and can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.

So how to ensure positive opinions about products in our store and where customers most often look for them?

Good opinions about products and a reliable seller

A good salesperson knows his products perfectly, including their good and weak points, as well as possible reasons for complaints. Customers often ask about the seller's subjective opinion about the product, about the opinions of other consumers about it or about which product is recommended to us. An honest but also balanced opinion can convince the customer to buy.

In the case of an e-shop, it will not be a direct conversation, as in a stationary store, but other communication channels are available that customers willingly use: e-mail, live chat or telephone contact.

On the other hand, opinions about products sold in the e-store are also influenced by the opinion about the store itself and its service.

Other customers will tell us about the products

When buying a product, we often consult our friends about it, we also search the web for statements from other customers about a given store and the articles it offers, especially if it is a more expensive purchase.

As sellers, we cannot directly influence the opinion of consumers about our product, but there are several things that can influence it:

  • high quality of the offered goods,

  • fast shipping to the customer (the current standard is 24 hours),

  • product description consistent with the facts,

  • professional customer service,

  • good after-sales contact, resulting in a positive image of the company,

  • quick, trouble-free consideration of any complaints.

If we take care of these points, we significantly increase the chances that the opinions of consumers about our company, and thus the opinions about products from our store, will be positive.

Social evidence of equity on the store's website

When designing an online store, it is worth considering a place for several elements that will increase the trust of potential customers. We can classify them as social evidence of equity, i.e. information that shows and confirms that a large group of other people - store customers - made the right decision by making purchases in this place.

Customer reviews on the store's website

It is worth creating a place on the website of the online store where the opinions of our customers can be found. It can be difficult to encourage consumers to express their opinion, so you should create the tools that are most convenient for them. We can mention here a clear, simple form for expressing an opinion, an e-mail request for a comment and sending a direct link to the form.

It is worth motivating customers in this direction by rewarding them for the comment they leave, e.g. with an additional discount for subsequent purchases. Remember that comments should be moderated - it is not so much about removing unfavorable ones, but about posting valuable opinions on the website, giving potential buyers a lot of answers to any questions or doubts. Contrary to appearances, it is not worth removing all negative comments, their presence inspires greater customer confidence in the reliability of posted opinions.

Best Seller List

On the e-shop website, there should be an item containing a list of the best and most popular products, i.e. those that sell the best. The presence of the product of interest to us at the top of such a list can work for the best positive opinions about products issued by other customers.

Reputable producers

If our online store has articles from recognized manufacturers from a given industry, the opinions about the products offered in the store are more likely to be better.

Awards, certificates and distinctions support good opinions about the products

If our store or the products offered in it were ranked high, won an award or have a certificate, it is worth informing all those who enter our online store.

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Opinion-making platforms and price comparison websites

The task of such websites is to build a database of objective opinions about a given product, which, combined with the analysis of price conditions, may be helpful for buyers.

Unfortunately, in the era of developing word of mouth marketing, websites of this type show more and more fictitious opinions - both positive (bought by the producer) and negative (financed by the competition).

Customers are becoming more and more sensitive to artificial promotional treatments, so it is worthwhile to naturally gain feedback on them (for example, by encouraging customers on the site or by e-mail) and control what is happening on such sites to prevent an attack by a competitor.

Social media can help you create product reviews

Social networks have become a valuable place to exchange views and evaluate brands and products. It should only be remembered that when deciding to set up a fan page, it must then be regularly run and moderated, so that such a procedure does not cause more harm than good for our image. Therefore, before you decide to set up a store account on one of the more and more social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.), think about the issue of constantly adding posts, photos and presence in social media.

When deciding to buy a particular product or service, we increasingly rely on the opinions of others. Therefore, when planning marketing activities, it is worth putting some strength and energy to create a product that will evoke positive associations and pay more attention to gaining customer recognition, preferably expressed in the form of positive and specific opinions about products.