Planning your own career: How to find your strengths? (part 2)

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In order to properly plan our professional path, we should first of all get to know ourselves and our strengths well. It is self-awareness that can allow us to find such advantages that will allow us to achieve our main professional goal.

Good information! Each of us has a full range of advantages that can be used in various life situations. A bit worse? We also have disadvantages - it is an inseparable part of everyone's life. What is the disadvantage and what is the advantage? Stairs will appear here, because in various contexts our disadvantages may turn out to be advantages and advantages - disadvantages. What's worse, when it comes to assessing individual characteristics such as advantages and disadvantages, it is usually difficult for us to be objective. Difficult case. So how to find your strengths in the context of your professional career, and how to eliminate the weaker ones?

The ability to think positively

In implementing your vision of a professional career and striving to achieve your goals, it is most up to us. Our attitude and strengths have a huge impact on this. If it is positive and optimistic, it will be easier for us to fulfill even the most difficult duties. If, on the other hand, we are pessimists, we will not even undertake some of these tasks. We will be stressed and resigned. It will be difficult for us to believe in our own abilities. Pessimists have low self-esteem, exaggerate mistakes and live in fear of making no more mistakes.

Moral? Our quality of life largely depends on our thinking. Therefore, it is worth making it optimistic. It is positive thinking that makes it possible to effectively combat everyday stress and the associated uncertainty. It is this state of mind that determines our feelings, behaviors, and actions. Only when we are well oriented to ourselves and our abilities, can our career path look as we would like it to be.

Strengths - the current professional capital has an impact on self-confidence

In most cases, we start our career path from not very significant positions and it is natural. Only in exceptional and extremely rare situations, right after the end of education, are we immediately released into deep water. Therefore, it is worth starting work on your professional capital during your studies in order to gain appropriate experience and practice early. They are the strengths of the employee and later have more importance than purely theoretical knowledge.

Even in student times, it is worth applying for volunteering or student organizations. If we have such an opportunity, it is good to do an apprenticeship or internship. All this will certainly pay off in the future. It should also not be forgotten that in these types of places we can meet people who can really help us later in our career.

The most important thing is the motivation to act

Career does not like passivity and will not come by itself. Usually you have to fight for it. So we cannot wait with folded hands until the opportunity to take the next step appears. We should provoke him ourselves. Participation in courses, trainings, postgraduate studies or seminars in the meantime broadens our horizons and shapes our strengths. Motivation to act on a daily basis is the most important in the context of pursuing the goal of professional fulfillment. Each day should be a small step towards its realization.

How to ensure that our motivation is always at a high level? There are several ways to do this. First of all, it is worth visualizing the goal that we have set for ourselves every day. Just 5 minutes a day for visualization may be enough to keep full mobilization in the pursuit of its implementation. It is one of the best motivation tools.

Another proven way is to plan your career development step by step, while listing the individual benefits that you can achieve along the way. Appreciating small steps towards a goal prevents the weariness of achieving long-term tasks. The implementation of each step should be additionally celebrated by us. Before reaching the intermediate goal, it is worth considering how you can reward yourself for achieving it. Cinema? Tour? Let's just choose something that will please us.

Positive thinking, experience and motivation are the main features that will allow you to lead your professional career the way you dream of. Thanks to them, achieving the goal you have set for yourself will be much easier, and the results will come faster than you expected. Give it a try!