How much does an editor earn?

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In the last part of the series "How to become an editor?" we will answer a question that is often taboo. It is about the editor's salary - and whether it is a profitable profession at all. Of course, it is impossible to provide one specific amount, because the salary is determined by a number of factors that may be influenced by both the candidate and external factors. As we have informed many times in previous articles, unlike other professions, working as an editor is created for people with a passion for writing, which they see in themselves from an early childhood.

Creating original articles on any topic for a drawer, polishing the writing workshop and finally the first, timid attempts to conquer the market after making a name for yourself. People who decide at some stage in their life that they want to start writing have little chance of success if they have taken certain steps in the past. You can even risk a statement that the editor is not only a job, but a lifestyle - every day we put our thoughts, feelings and various information coming from the outside onto paper.

The editor is an artist?

It is a form of art, comparable to transferring thoughts and knowledge about the world around us onto a canvas or sheet music, but also a constant learning - learning to live, learning to convey your thoughts in such a way that they become food for the recipients' soul, just like recognized music, images and even movies.

In fact, it is a profession in which even people considered outstanding learn something new every day. The written word is also a powerful weapon that can help you avoid various conflicts. On the other hand, it can unite or divide people, depending on how the chosen topic is presented. Finally, the art of writing gives room for shy people, and is also used in situations where traditional conversation has no power.

So, are such solemn arguments in favor of the uniqueness of the editor's work reflected in the earnings? Yes and no. It is possible to earn several or even several thousand zlotys a month, but in practice the average salary indicates that employers underestimate this profession. For comparison: programmers or graphic designers on a nationwide scale receive a higher salary (which is confirmed by websites keeping salary statistics in our country) despite the fact that even a professionally created website cannot exist without a good editor. An editor, on the other hand, may be "self-sufficient" in his profession, which will be helped by, for example, free blogs or simply by sending his own texts to various newspapers or websites. On the other hand, adequate remuneration consists of factors such as:

1. Candidate's experience and seniority - a beginning editor has little chance of a high salary at the start, but subsequent years in the CV may contribute to the salary exceeding the national average.

2. Education - particularly important in the case of profile editorial offices, although the portfolio presented is the most important criterion anyway. The editor should be able to raise various issues and then put his thoughts on paper, regardless of the subject - hence the constant need to learn the reality around us.

3. The size and capital of the company - there is no rule here either, because there are corporate models aimed at the lowest salary when employing as many people as possible, but also small companies seeking to employ specialists for remuneration above the national average - the differences are obviously not negligible the company's share capital.

4. Region - in general, the larger the city, the higher the salary due to the higher cost of living than in smaller towns and villages.

Average earnings as an editor

Taking into account all the above-mentioned factors, the average earnings of an editor in Poland amount to approx. PLN 2,500 net, while the median, i.e. the average salary, is approx. PLN 2,360. It is worth adding that 5% of editors receive monthly remuneration below PLN 1,163 and above PLN 4,000. 10% of people earn less than PLN 1,250 and more than PLN 3,600, and 25% of employees in this position receive a monthly transfer for an amount less than PLN 1,483 and more than PLN 3,050. The statistics quoted relate to both the employment contract and the mandate or contract for specific work. In practice, however, they usually refer to full-time employment under a contract of employment or mandate contract in the case of stationary employment in an office.

Freelancer salary

The remuneration in the case of freelancers is completely different and it is difficult to find even approximate statistical data here. As a rule, it is a matter of individual determination of the amount for a particular text or series of articles. The remuneration, in addition to the aforementioned elements, includes such factors as:

1. Poem line - remuneration for a specific number of characters with spaces (zzs). It all depends on the type of text. The lowest remuneration is for SEO texts and these are often amounts per 1000 characters expressed in pennies - mainly due to the low value of the message. In the case of industry texts for websites, the amount is even several times higher. Interestingly, despite the fact that the printed press is less popular than in the past, it is still possible to earn the most by writing for, for example, a recognized monthly. On the other hand, the line in dailies is one of the lowest in the case of contract work.

2. A specific fixed amount per item type. Current information - the so-called news - depending on the subject of the website, the remuneration ranges from PLN 5-30 net (usually up to PLN 1000). For longer texts (from 3000 ZZs), which include reviews, announcements or columns, the rate may range from 20 to 200 PLN. The highest rates can be obtained for guide, expert and technical texts.

3. Salary per sheet - depending on the subject, certain salary ranges are set. Some editorial staff sets a specific amount for one page (standard Times New Roman 12 font), but the exact number of characters is not determined.

In the case of a freelancer, it's hard to give even an approximate average monthly salary. It is worth remembering, as mentioned in the previous parts of the cycle, that a well-established brand plays a key role here, while the best ones have earnings significantly exceeding the average monthly salary in Poland, working less than 40 hours a week.

Does the editor make a lot of money?

Working as an editor is creative. It requires constant self-education and fine-tuning of your texts from an early age, preferably before starting your professional career.

People who come to this job, aiming for sky-high wages, must be prepared for the fact that they are possible, but you need at least several years of experience in a similar position. The situation is completely different for freelancers and editors who want to go from one path to another (or vice versa). In any case, you have to create your brand from the very beginning, because a freelancer is not always well received by employers looking for a full-time person (a large number of orders is associated with a lack of stability, and thus a risk of leaving the company quickly).

Of course, this is not a rule, but the statements of the discussed groups through industry newsgroups have repeatedly proved that something is right in this case. Answering the question: if we strive to constantly improve our professional qualifications, prove that we care about the duties we perform, we have a head full of fresh ideas, and our pen does not dry out of the ink of creativity, we can be sure that our efforts will be appreciated and appreciated over time. we will be able to combine business with pleasure - after all, not all professions allow you to work out of passion. The profession of an editor is more than capable of making children's dreams come true, and at the same time fulfilling professionally and enabling further personal development.