What social media channels affect website positioning?

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There is no doubt that a high position in the search engine is beneficial for your business and equals an increase in your turnover. The fastest way to achieve this effect is by combining content marketing and SEO activities. But what about social media - do they affect the Google algorithm? It is not that simple and even if they do not directly affect the position in the search engine, they fulfill a different, auxiliary role.

Social media and Google ranking factors

SEO experts have long speculated on whether social media signals affect a website's search position and, if so, to what extent. It all became clear thanks to an interview with Matt Cutts in 2014. A Google employee officially denied that signals obtained from social networking sites affect the search algorithm. It was argued that the amount of information in social media is simply too large for Google to index it on a regular basis. In addition, the signals there are usually subjective and difficult to interpret - separating positive from negative statements or spam would be difficult.

How does social media help SEO?

Social media can acquire links of the type nofollow, that is, those that convey PageRank values. Therefore, they are not able to directly influence Google's organic results, as is the case with SEO or content marketing that is based on links. dofollow. However, with the help of social media, you can indirectly influence the position of the website. By engaging potential customers, you build a bond with them that may turn into trust one day. This, in turn, may eventually shift to a more "profitable" ground for SEO, such as internet forums. The link thus gained may receive an attribute dofollowand this in turn is Google's ranking factor. A well-planned SEO strategy cannot be limited only to short-term activities, the effects of which can be seen immediately - long-term work and a certain amount of patience can bring equally good, if not better results.

The impact of individual SM on SEO - a quick overview of the available options

Although social networking sites do not directly influence Google's algorithm, they can play an indirect role in this process. Here is a short description of the individual social channels and an indication of how they support SEO:

Google+ - the only SM channel that plays a real role in SEO activities, because the links derived from it have the dofollow attribute. By using it, you build a community around the brand - you share new products with customers and link to the offer. You get dofollow links when you get a "plusika" from users of the portal - so it is worth taking care of valuable content that will engage them and encourage them to interact. On this occasion, another social media channel belonging to Google, i.e. YouTube, deserves a separate comment. Only one link is dofollow there - the one with the cover photo in the channel description. The rest are nofollow;

Pinterest - actions on it will only indirectly affect the positioning of the website. The website allows you to present the offer in a graphic form. If you want the search engine to index your profile content, be sure to make it available for each visitor. Weaving keywords into all text content available on the website also plays an important role here - these can be brand descriptions, names of individual photo boards, pin descriptions or names of photos;

Facebook - links obtained from Facebook have the nofollow attribute, but promotion on it increases customer engagement and helps build brand trust. Remember, however, that the Google robot moves around the portal like a logged in user - so it will only see the content that is available to everyone,

Twitter - The dizzying speed of new tweets prevented Google from indexing all the content that appeared on the site. Thanks to establishing cooperation between companies, indexing of all hashtags has become possible - by entering them in the search engine, you will receive the latest information related to them,

Linkedin - active activity on the website can help you increase traffic on your website. How to do it? First of all, use the right key phrases that will increase your position in the website's search engine. You can include keywords and links in both your business description and articles you publish.

Is it worth investing in promotion on social media?

The answer to this question cannot be any other than: it is definitely worth it. Links with the nofollow attribute that are sourced by social media also play a role in improving the visibility of a page on Google. They do not "reflect" the page's value, but they can convey some of the trust of the party they are on. In addition, they have a positive effect on the overall link structure and make it look more natural.

In general, what counts is the synchronization of short-term and long-term activities. So be patient and invest in promoting your brand on social media - combined with content marketing and SEO activities, it will not only increase your visibility on Google, but also customer confidence in the brand. The benefit will therefore be twofold.

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