What are the advantages of online invoicing?

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Each entrepreneur is obliged to record sales. However, issuing invoices does not have to be arduous. All you need to do is access an online invoicing program. Then documents can be generated in literally a few minutes. We present the most important advantages of online invoicing.

What is an electronic invoice?

Electronic invoice, or e-invoice, is no longer a novelty - the amendment to the provisions on equating electronic and paper documents took place in 2013. So what is an electronic invoice? It is simply an invoice that is sent to the customer electronically, e.g. in a PDF file via e-mail.

Due to the fact that entrepreneurs can generate e-invoices, the time of their delivery to the customer is shortened. Moreover, the contractor's consent is not required to deliver invoices in electronic form. The trader should assume that if the customer did not object after receiving such a document, he agreed to receive it.

Online invoicing - saving time and money

It takes time for an entrepreneur to develop a business. Online invoicing has the advantage that it allows you to issue an e-invoice in minutes. Modern invoicing and accounting programs are integrated with the Central Statistical Office and CEIDG. As a result, it is enough to enter the customer's tax identification number (NIP) for the system to download the remaining data. Each entrepreneur can also create his own databases of contractors, thanks to which he will issue subsequent invoices even faster.

Saving time is not everything. Financial issues are also important. Online invoicing eliminates the need to print invoices and send them by registered mail. The entrepreneur saves on paper, envelopes or stamps. In the case of large companies, savings can be calculated even in thousands of zlotys per year.

Online invoicing software is offered in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). What does this mean for the user? He pays for access to the module that allows issuing invoices only when he uses it. In the event of suspension or closure of activities, it does not remain with the desktop program it no longer needs.

Fast e-invoice delivery to the customer

Online invoicing allows you to quickly issue an electronic invoice and deliver it to the contractor just as quickly. Documents can be shipped from the invoicing program. This solution eliminates the need to download the document to the desktop. Additionally, the best invoice software also allows you to send your customers payment reminders (both by SMS and email).

The sooner the customer receives an invoice for the products or service provided, the better - he will be able to settle the payment on the spot. An unquestionable advantage of online invoicing is the ability to send the document to the client at any time - all you need is a device with Internet access. Entrepreneurs working in the field can issue invoices as soon as the work is completed.

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Online invoicing is safe

It is the invoicing software vendor's responsibility to secure your data. The entrepreneur does not have to worry that the documents generated by him will fall into the wrong hands.

Safety issues can also be considered in the context of ecology. No need to collect invoices in paper form means that approximately 250,000 trees can be cut down and millions of liters of water contaminated each year. Each company that sends e-invoices contributes to the protection of the natural environment and thus can be perceived as pro-ecological.

Convenient storage of e-invoices

Storing invoices on your own computer is not always the best idea. This is especially true when the entrepreneur does not make backups. It is also worth remembering that the regulations oblige every business owner to store invoices for a period of 5 years. This is where online invoicing is very beneficial.

All issued invoices are stored in the cloud for the period required by law. Using an intuitive search engine, entrepreneurs can access the e-invoice they need at any time. This means that there are no tens or even hundreds of binders filled to the brim with documents at the company's headquarters.