Which Facebook posts get the most attention?

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In the era of the growing popularity of social media, brands more and more often decide to contact the environment through this channel. Facebook is the leader among many social media platforms. It comes as no surprise to anyone that marketing budgets also include Zuckerberg's presence on the site. What is the phenomenon of the famous medium and most importantly - how to create Facebook posts that will make your company profile unique?

Facebook - at the heart of your needs

Having a Facebook profile has almost become the norm. This is mainly due to the need to belong to a group, talk about yourself or share your experiences, which is simply a feature of our species that defines a human being as a herd. The owner of the popular platform saw these needs perfectly and simply found the answer in the form of a place where people can interact with others.

Also for companies, the presence on a social networking site has even become an obligation, without which it is more difficult to reach a wide audience. Today, Facebook is an advertising arena where brands can easily present themselves to customers and offer them more.

15 ideas for Facebook posts

It cannot be denied that running a company profile on Facebook has evolved over time and it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. The uniqueness of the account is certainly evidenced by the content posted on it, which, despite the lifestyle style of the platform, should be thought out and planned. Below, we suggest 15 sample topics for Facebook posts that can introduce a bit of freshness and originality to a company profile and, most importantly, arouse the will to react.

1. Conduct a survey

You don't have to create long and complicated questions. One simple and short one is enough that users will be happy to answer. In this way, you show that their opinion is important to you, and at the same time you have a chance to learn something interesting about your product or simply get to know your current and possibly future customers better.


2. Show off your blog entry

After publishing an article on an internal blog, it is also a good idea to promote it on Facebook so that as many people as possible get to know its content. In addition, even less up-to-date substantive articles should be refreshed and planned as a post. After all, since its premiere, the group of your customers who may be interested in this particular subject has certainly increased.

3. Make a tutorial

Instructions for the use of your product in the form of an interesting infographics or video is a remarkable form of promotion of the assortment. Besides, with the help of the tutorial, you can easily present other issues, such as how not to make mistakes in the application.

4. Keep a schedule

Many companies use a calendar as an idea for Facebook posts that reminds customers of an important date for them. Posts about unusual holidays are also a good idea. After all, every day there is an unusual opportunity, it is important to publish the ones that are relevant to our industry.


5. Introduce the company from the inside

An important event, a celebration of success or an integration trip are topics that enjoy a lot of interest on the part of the recipients. After all, many would like to know what the atmosphere is in a company that is an industry leader. Besides, let's not forget that Facebook is a platform for sharing your experiences. So why should this form of communication not apply to brands that want to introduce a company from behind the scenes?

6. Present the profiles of employees

Staying on the topic of getting to know the company, people like to know who is on the other side, is in charge of servicing it, or other things they didn't even realize. Additionally, it is another argument thanks to which they can get to know your brand better.

7. Use quotes

To diversify your profile, it is worth using a quote, valuable advice from a well-known person from the industry. It can also be a proverb that matches the profile of your business or the environment in which it operates.

8. Share the achievement

Every reason for joy is good, so if the company has, for example, a higher sales level, a significant increase in customers or fans on Facebook, it is worth sharing this information with others.

9. Announce new things

Present in the form of a short teaser a new blog entry, a planned project or the introduction of a new product soon. This form of messages is conducive to increasing commitment and keeping track of your further actions with interest.

10. Use Real Time Marketing

There is always a lot going on around, so why should you post on Facebook in important situations? It is important to do it wisely and in a timely manner, because even the best post two weeks or a month after an important event will not have the same value as published on an ongoing basis. An example is the famous action of Ikea, when after one of the episodes of the series "Game of Thrones", she used the name of one of the heroes (to whom the episode of that time was largely devoted and aroused huge reactions among the fans of the series) for her product.

11. Show your product in context

A manufacturer of thermal mugs or even plastic dishes can present their product in a unique form - during everyday use, at a picnic, in the mountains or at a party. The right photo will additionally enrich the effect of originality.

12. Offer a newsletter

Remember that a company profile in social channels should not be the only way of communicating with the client. However, they can be an effective intermediary form by which it is worth proposing a newsletter to the recipient. Internet marketing is still very good and one of the most effective forms of promoting sales. When planning posts on Facebook, it is also worth considering such a proposal.

13. Write a trivia

Facebook posts on topics that are not widely known can generate a lot of interest. Share an interesting fact about your own product, company, industry information or surprising statistics.

14. Encourage them to buy

It is a good idea to remind customers where they can buy the selected product by posting a note or a redirect link.

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15. Answer the questions

A common activity when running a Facebook profile is answering frequently asked questions. What if the idea for a Facebook post included FAQ-style content? For this purpose, it is a good idea to collect a few frequently asked questions and answer them in the post.

5, 10, 15… and more

Scheduling Facebook posts is a difficult art. Valuable content is characterized not only by the appropriate presentation of the product or service, but also must be interesting. The fact is that there are as many brands as there are ideas for posts, each of them has its own original concepts. However, in a situation where the level of creativity in their creation decreases, it is worth taking inspiration from the proposals presented in the article.