What are the costs of e-court proceedings


Costs of e-court proceedings

The costs of e-court proceedings are closely related to the value of the pecuniary claim pursued in the lawsuit. The first fee to be paid is the court fee for the filed lawsuit in the so-called e-proceedings and it amounts to 1.25% of the value of the subject of the dispute (it is 1/4 of the court fee calculated on the basis of 5% of the value of the subject of the dispute), however, it cannot be less than PLN 30.

If we ask for 10,000 PLN, the fee amounts to PLN 125.

Court Fees Fee

The payment of the court fee is made by means of an online transfer from the account of a specific person (it does not matter from which account the payment is made). After making the payment If the payment is made, the system waits for the information from the e-Card regarding the confirmation of the balance. If the confirmation is positive, the case is submitted to the court (this is also the date of receipt by the court). Then the case is assigned a specific case file reference number.

It should be borne in mind that all handling costs incurred when paying the court fees related to the filing of the claim (e-Card commission) are borne by the person submitting the claim (plaintiff or attorney). Currently, the e-Card commission is 1% of the court fee.

It is important that from the moment the judgment becomes final, the debtor is obliged to return the fee paid to you, which means that a given amount can be enforced.

To sum up, the costs of e-court proceedings include:

1.25% of the value of the dispute + e-Card commission (a company handling electronic payments)

Advantages of e-courts

The undoubted advantage of e-court proceedings is not only the speed of the proceedings, but also the economic factor. For example, let's compare the differences in the court fee for bringing a claim using the traditional method and by submitting a claim in electronic proceedings.

Example 1.

Mr. Kowalski is claiming PLN 50,000 in ordinary proceedings. In this case, he should pay a court fee of 5% of the value of the dispute, i.e .:

5% x 50,000 = PLN 2,500

In a similar situation, if Mr. Kowalski decides to file a claim in electronic proceedings, he should only pay the fourth part of the fee, i.e.

¼ x 5% x 50,000 = PLN 625 + 1% (court fee) = PLN 631.25

As you can see in the example above, the difference in fee is significant.