Are you eco in business? Apply for the competition!

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If you are one of the entrepreneurs who take special care to minimize the negative impact on the environment of their company, Eco-responsible in business is a competition for you! Entities based in Poland may submit their candidatures by June 30. Find out more by reading our article!

Eco-responsible in business - for whom?

Who can apply for the title of Eco-responsible in business? The competition is aimed at entities from the industry sector and its immediate environment, which also take into account environmental aspects in their strategy. Apart from them, the originators of innovative solutions in the field of environmental technologies can apply for the competition.

This is the fifth competition organized by Abrys. This year, however, participants can submit their candidacy in two categories:

  • enterprise and

  • environmental innovations.

Applications will be accepted until June 30. The Responsible Business Forum is the content partner of the competition.

The winners of previous editions of Ecoresponsible in business include companies such as:

  • Niczuk-Metall-PL,

  • Green Power,

  • Institute of New Technologies in Environmental Engineering,

  • Nida Valley,

  • Orlen and Lotos.

Eco-responsible in business - the enterprise category

The competition category "enterprise" focuses on companies that take initiatives to minimize their impact on the environment - both in terms of manufactured products and overall activity. Educational and information activities in the field of environmental protection, carried out in the year preceding the competition edition, are also taken into account.

Environmental issues within the company are also assessed. Enterprises that deal with activities related to environmental protection must demonstrate pro-environmental initiatives that go beyond the profile of their activities.

Eco-responsible in business - category environmental innovations

The category of "environmental innovations" will focus on the originators of innovative solutions related to the implementation of environmental technologies. The competition is intended for:

  • small, medium and large enterprises,

  • natural persons,

  • business environment units, and

  • research units.

Eco-responsible in business awards

The winners of the competition will receive Environmental Innovation Cups in two sub-categories:

- an innovative project ready for commercialization, i.e. after the initial phase of research and market analysis, but not completed with implementation,

- an innovative project completed with implementation in industry or economy.

The awards will be presented on October 26, during the Gala of the International Congress of Environmental Protection ENVICON.