Initial OHS training card - template for download


An employer may not allow an employee to perform work for which he or she does not have the required qualifications or the necessary skills, as well as sufficient knowledge of the provisions and principles of health and safety at work. The employer is obliged to provide the newly hired employee with training in the field of health and safety at work contained in the Labor Code, as well as familiarize him with the health and safety rules regarding the tasks performed by him resulting from the position entrusted to him. The document confirming the training in this field is the initial OHS training card.

The scope of the initial training

The initial OHS training is divided into:

  • initial general training, called "general instruction",
  • initial training on the job, known as "job training".

General training is provided to all newly hired employees, including apprenticeships and apprentices for the purpose of practical apprenticeship before being admitted to work.

Its purpose is to provide participants with the basic health and safety regulations of a general nature (contained in the Labor Code, collective labor agreements or work regulations), as well as with the provisions in force in a given workplace and with the principles of providing first aid in the event of an accident. The general training is conducted by an employee of the occupational health and safety service or a person performing the tasks of this service at the employer or an employee designated by the employer who has the knowledge and skills ensuring the proper implementation of the training program.

In the case of general instruction, the framework program provides for a minimum duration of 3 teaching hours (45 minutes each) for all employees, divided into 11 topics.

On-the-job training is required for employees employed or transferred to blue-collar positions or to positions where work is performed in exposure to factors harmful to health, burdensome or dangerous, and to students undergoing practical vocational training, as well as student-apprentice.

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