Penalties for workers spreading the coronavirus


People often disregard the recommendations issued by the authorities regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak. People returning from holidays from the most infected countries should inform their employer about it. The regulations provide for serious penalties for employees spreading the coronavirus!

The situation in Poland is getting more and more serious!

The first case of COVID-19 infection in our country was confirmed last week. Since then, more and more people have been hospitalized with suspicion of the virus. Employers catch their heads and count the losses they will incur due to numerous absences. The cancellation of mass events, and now the decision to close educational institutions does not make the whole situation in workplaces easier. Anyone who has a child should stay at home and look after him or her. The state has provided for special care allowances for such people. However, this is to reduce the risk of contamination, which is reasonable in this situation. The government wants to spread the epidemic over time, because the mass rash of sick people will be difficult for our health service to contain.

Information obligation towards the employer

Accordingly, in order to avoid spreading the virus, any person returning from a country where the disease is rapidly progressing should undergo preventive examinations. It is important to inform the employer about the stay outside Poland. The law on the coronavirus gives employers new powers, such as the possibility of outsourcing all employees to remote work. However, such action should be properly justified.

Justified counteracting a possible threat to the life or health of employees entitles the employer to commission them to work remotely. Subordinates do not have to consent to them, they should carry out such an order.

If it is not possible to order remote work in a given workplace, the employer should order downtime.

Penalties for workers spreading the coronavirus

People who have returned from a country endangered with COVID-19 and have not undergone tests and bring the risk of spreading an infectious disease are subject to imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years. This is stated in Art. 165. § 1 sec. 1 of the Criminal Code. Not only the legal consequences await an employee who ignores the top-down recommendations and, despite the suspicion that he is the carrier, will go to the workplace. What sanctions for workers who spread the coronavirus are deliberately provided by the law? These are:

  • termination of the employment contract under disciplinary procedure,

  • unlimited liability for damages towards the employer - up to the entire amount of the damage caused.

An employee should think twice about starting work if they suspect a virus infection. It can suffer serious consequences, and at the same time expose the family and loved ones to danger. The employer, in turn, should keep his finger on the pulse and use the latest rights he has been given in connection with the whole situation.