Penalties for the lack of prices in the store - consequences for the seller


No so-called "Price tags" are an everyday reality, as well as asking the seller about the price of the product or looking for one of the hidden readers in a large supermarket. We do not even realize how much fines companies can pay for not having prices on products.

No product prices - consequences

The amendment to the act on informing consumers about the prices of goods and services has been in force for some time. Entrepreneurs are not obliged to label the products, i.e. individually label the goods. However, the price has to be 'posted' and so, under the new law, the penalties imposed on business owners will be much higher. At the moment, failure to fulfill the obligation to inform the consumer about the price of the goods results in the imposition of a fine of up to PLN 20,000. zlotys.

In such situations, an immediate fine is applied - if the Trade Inspector notices a breach of the rules resulting from the act, he may impose a fine on the entrepreneur. The amount or the application of the penalty is irrelevant to the intention of the event or any justification for failure to fulfill obligations. Penalties for the lack of prices applied by Trade Inspectors are dissuasive, and their amount is proportional to the degree of violation of the Act on providing information on prices of goods and services.

The amount of penalties for the lack of prices

Article 6, section 3 of the Act on providing information on the prices of goods and services states:

When determining the amount of the fine, the degree of breach of obligations and the entrepreneur's previous activity, as well as the volume of his turnover and income are taken into account.


Consequently, the seller, who did not put prices on the products sold at all, will receive a higher penalty. On the other hand, the entrepreneur who correctly marked the goods with the price, but forgot to show the unit price of the goods at the same time, will pay a smaller fine. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection distinguishes 3 levels of neglect of obligations that have a significant impact on the amount of the fine - these are:

  1. very serious, which include the lack of any information on prices and unit prices of goods, in the entire commercial establishment or in a specific department,

  2. serious, involving the inconsistency of information on the prices of goods (services) in relation to a large part of the assortment or services or the lack of information about the reasons for the reduction in the price of a given product,

  3. others, i.e. violations of regulations of lesser importance.

UOKiK informs that the Trade Inspection may, in justified cases, impose an exceptionally low penalty on the seller. This will happen when the lack of prices is a minor breach of obligations, the entity has breached these obligations for the first time, and its turnover and revenues are not large.