Every day can be like a Saturday

Service Business

Get up on Monday morning and come to work for an hour. Have lunch at your favorite restaurant with friends and make an appointment for 5pm at the cinema. This is what every day can look like if your employer implements the ROWE model.

I am talking about Results-Only Work Environment, i.e. a work environment focused solely on results. Its idea is to manage human resources in accordance with the principle: I am not interested in where and when an employee performs their work, its effects count. This means that the employee can independently set his daily schedule as long as he performs the duties entrusted to him. It is the employee who decides when and how many hours he wants to perform the work entrusted to him.

A paradise for employees

The creators of ROWE are Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler, who currently run CultureRx in the United States and provide advice on how to implement this strategy. They are the authors of the book entitled "Overtime Sucks", in which they formulated the rules of functioning in ROWE. Among them, the following rules have emerged: every day is like a Saturday, workers have unlimited days of paid leave as long as they are doing their job, work is not a place to go - it's something you do. Sounds quite utopian. - The benefits of this innovative model include the lack of stress associated with the execution of
responsibilities and no delays, which are troublesome for both parties
- says Michał Trziszka, CEO of Cal.pl. Statistics show that ROWE brings companies savings, increased productivity and sales.

The key role of the manager

The ROWE strategy requires a lot of commitment from managers. They must precisely define tasks for employees, goals, expectations and deadlines for the execution of orders. Employees are satisfied with setting a schedule that is able to balance personal and work life. Flexible workflow means you have full control over your time and responsibilities. The motivation to perform tasks is the approaching deadline, not the manager standing over the desk. Loyal, responsible and disciplined people successfully implement themselves in the ROWE model. On the other hand, people who tend to forget about the necessity to perform tasks when they are not monitored on a regular basis have problems with finding themselves in ROWE.

ROWE in Poland

The innovative management model is not suitable for all enterprises. In creative industries such as marketing, advertising or IT, ROWE is the perfect solution. Moving ROWE from America to Poland is not easy. Employment under a contract of employment requires the employer to keep records of the employee's working time and comply with health and safety rules, which is not in line with the ROWE rules.

Anna Hankiewicz, Cal.pl