When does the body alert a vitamin deficiency?

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Vitamin deficiency should not occur with a balanced diet. When summer passes, we may have the impression that the season for fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables is over. Nothing could be more wrong, because autumn also has its treasures that are worth enriching your pantry. Pears, apples, pumpkins and cranberries are products that require more attention. We should take care of it especially because we often - even unconsciously - change our diet at this time of the year. It contains much less vegetables and fruits, and thus also vitamins. What can their vitamin deficiency lead to?

Vitamin deficiency - symptoms

We often do not realize that our body is trying to inform us about a vitamin deficiency. Mainly because it is usually associated with hair loss and brittleness, weak nail plate or infections. However, there are many more symptoms, and often we do not even associate them with vitamins. Rarely, ailments strike us suddenly and painfully in a way that hinders our functioning, but we can definitely feel them and thus counteract them. Take a look at your body. Some of the effects are certainly difficult to associate with vitamin deficiency, and no wonder, because did you know that forgetting your dreams shows that your body does not have enough vitamin B6? In turn, the appearance of asthma may be associated with a deficiency of vitamin D. Too little vitamin A and D, however, can cause acne!

Let's take a look at the information below to find out more.



Vitamin deficiency - effects


Hair becomes dull, while nails become brittle, vision problems appear (e.g. night blindness, i.e. eyesight deteriorating after dark). dry eye, lips are dry, they become chapped, in addition, we are more susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia.


There are problems with the proper functioning of the stomach, e.g. constipation, we have no appetite, our senses are weakened, our hands are shaking.


The tongue becomes dry, sores appear on it and on the lips, the skin peels from the lobes of the nose, the face is red, the facial skin is oily and peeling.


Wounds appear on the tongue, hair begins to turn gray prematurely, we are irritable, we cannot sleep, we become more prone to anemia.


Our skin turns very pale, we are irritable, we do not remember our dreams.


Hair is weakened, falls out, visible alopecia appears.


You may experience gingivitis, sore tongue or sores in the mouth.


There are headaches, dizziness, apathy, the mood is very low, depressed, our senses weaken, our hands and feet become numb, our gait becomes uncertain.


The aging process accelerates, libido decreases, the immune system is weakened, we have problems with motor coordination.


We are often sick, chronically tired and sleepy, our skin is dry, bleeding and gingivitis may occur.


Muscles are weakened, asthma may appear, sweating increases, bones hurt, rickets and even cancer may appear.

Vitamin deficiency - how to fight it?

As already mentioned, the diet in the fall changes and is often very low in vegetables and fruits. Before the start of this season, it is a good idea to do blood tests for vitamin deficiencies and make sure what you should pay attention to. Let's change our diet, make it as varied as possible. Let's not focus on one group of products!

It is also worth giving up stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol or coffee. Fast-food and sweets, which are only empty calories, are also undesirable.

Physical activity, such as walks in the fresh air, is also invaluable. Let us get oxygenated, it can really help us feel better and healthier.

If, despite a varied diet and exercise, there is still a vitamin deficiency, do not be afraid to reach for supplements. Let us pay attention to them especially when we cannot eat foods that provide a given vitamin. Vitamin deficiency can be determined by blood tests and monitoring the level of micronutrients.

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