National Tax Information, i.e. assistance provided to taxpayers


The National Tax Information, or KIS (transformed in 2017 from the National Tax Information - KIP) was established in 2006 and enjoys great interest on the part of taxpayers. Sometimes they have problems with understanding the provisions and interpreting them, therefore they use the help of specialists. The National Tax Information Service provides assistance to all entities, even those whose registered office is outside the territory of Poland.

What does the National Tax Information Office do?

The task of the National Tax Information is to provide telephone answers to questions related to tax problems and customs procedures. This is to make it easier for taxpayers to conduct their business, as well as to better understand and navigate tax laws. Experts of the National Revenue Information provide assistance from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the following numbers:

  • 801 055 055 - from a landline,

  • 330 0330 - from a mobile phone,

  • +48 22 330 0330 - from abroad. Another task of the National Tax Information is to issue individual interpretations. In order to obtain such an interpretation, it is necessary:

  • filling in the appropriate application,
  • payment of a fee of PLN 40 for each issue,
  • submitting the application in person at the National Tax Information office at the following address:

ul. Teodora Sixta 17,

43-300 Bielsko-Biała

or in electronic form via e-PUAP to the address of the National Tax Information box: / KIS / requests

Individual interpretations are issued by a specialized body of the National Tax Administration (KAS) - the Director of the National Tax Information (KIS).

The taxpayer should receive an answer to the question asked within 3 months of submitting the application.

National Tax Information, development and faster service

Currently, thanks to the use of the new telephone information system, the National Treasury Information (KIS) can handle approximately 600 calls simultaneously. The waiting time for connection has also been significantly reduced. This is of great importance especially in periods when the deadlines for annual settlements and tax payments are approaching.

Taxpayers can also use the chat and the form on the Tax Portal. To receive information about duties or taxes by e-mail, select "Contact us" on the Tax Portal's website and then select "E-mail Inquiry".

In addition, it is also planned to use biometric technology, which consists in verifying the caller's voice. This is to authenticate the taxpayer, which makes the service even faster and safer for taxpayers.

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