Business client - how to properly profile him?

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B2B business is a specific form of business. A business client differs significantly from an individual and therefore requires a different form of communication. In order to carry out the right actions, it is necessary to get to know our recipient well, his characteristics, interests and choose the right moment for contact. This will guarantee us a high conversion or obtaining a lead.

Why is profiling so important?

The most effective method of achieving success in B2B customer relations is its appropriate profiling. Here are some reasons why it is so important in building your strategy:

  • the process of communication with a B2B client may take up to several months. It should end up with obtaining a sales lead, i.e. a company willing to contact us;

  • for purchasing reasons. However, before starting such activities, it is necessary to check whether he is properly educated and what data we have about him;

  • elimination of inappropriate leads is another important reason why profiling is worthwhile. Not all collected addresses are suitable for contact, and communicating with them may result in a waste of time and money;

  • thanks to profiling of business customers, it is easier to evaluate your marketing activities. The sales department can easily check whether the promotional activities are effective and whether the selected leads actually fit the process;

  • Unfortunately, not every user's visit to the website ends with filling out the contact form and leaving the address. The ideal method for this is to educate customers through content marketing. This helps not only to collect contacts, but also information on the user profile, thanks to which it is easier to divide business customers into those who match our purchasing process and those for further promotional activities.

Business client - how to profile him?

Profiling has two main goals - getting to know exactly who our business client is and what the history of his interactions with our company looks like. So what should such a process look like?

  • determination of profiling criteria - indication of information and activities, users that will be most important in your selection. It is also important to establish their role in the company with which we contact;

  • lead scoring - observation of customers in terms of what role they play in the company and what their activity is. Typically, this is shown in the form of points awarded on a chart according to the characteristics consulted with the sales department.

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What is needed to profile a business client?

A detailed action plan is the basis of the profiling process. It is important not only to create profiling criteria, but also to constantly review them in terms of feedback from the sales department, which verify the assumptions with reality.

Another necessary element will be the value that you can offer to the client in return for leaving your data. Often, companies use premium content for this, e.g. reports, reports, e-books. Sometimes also useful tools such as calculators or document templates. However, you should not offer typical promotional materials at this point.

For profiling, you need marketing automation tools. Only thanks to them is it possible to collect all data in one place. It is also worth combining these programs with the CRM system, it is important for the sales department. In this way, they will automatically receive information about a potential lead and monitor all customer activity.

A business client is sometimes demanding and often reluctant in business contacts. That is why its appropriate profiling is so important. Such activities support not only marketing, but also the sales department and help in acquiring new leads.