Woman in the gym - how to start exercising safely?

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If you want to look good in summer, start exercising now - these are the captions under motivating photos that you can find while browsing the internet. And while we don't want to believe it, it's true - we won't sculpt our belly in two weeks. There are two basic factors to a beautiful body - a healthy diet and regular physical activity. How safe should a woman start in the gym?

Many women make the fundamental mistake of trying to introduce both into their lives too intensely, and when pushed through, they quickly give up. Therefore, it is worth remembering that when going to the gym or fitness, you cannot throw at all the machines right away, and the training does not have to last three hours to be effective. In this way, a woman can only hurt herself.

Systematicity first, time secondly

Of course, everyone knows it, but the performance is worse. Unfortunately, even if we do all the exercises accurately, but not systematically - it will not help us. Therefore, before ladies decide to buy a subscription, they should carefully plan their daily schedule, answering the question: When will I find time to exercise?

Many women starting their adventure with the gym admitted that the biggest problem for them was the organization of time. It's hard for them to motivate themselves when they come back tired from work, have to do laundry, dinner, do the dishes ... and still find time to go to the gym?

The most important thing is to realize that no matter how tired a woman is, she actually has the strength to exercise! What's more - after leaving the gym, she will feel twice as well. Refreshed, satisfied and ready for action.

These are not empty slogans, but scientifically proven facts. During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, the happiness hormones. This helps the body to bear fatigue or even pain more easily. Together with endorphins, serotonin is secreted, responsible for good sleep, reducing appetite and the ability to study and concentrate for a long time. This is not all, our brain also secretes dopamine, estrogen and growth factors during exercise.

A woman at the gym - a must-have

Before you even exceed the threshold of the gym, it is worth making sure that you are properly prepared for exercise. First of all: shoes. Unfortunately, these cannot be ordinary sneakers. We need appropriate footwear with a stable sole. Not too thin, because we won't run even a kilometer. The foot in the shoe should be stiffened. It is also important that the footwear is not made of the cheapest rubber, because by sweating in it, we can even burn our feet.

Another point is clothing. They must be comfortable and not restrict movement. Whether they will be of a well-known company and in a fashionable color is not very important. What is important - it is a sports bra. Every woman in the gym knows how important it is to keep the breasts in one place. However, not everyone knows that running in the wrong bra can, for example, lead to a very rapid sagging of the breasts.

Water and towel. When exercising, you must always remember to hydrate your body. On the other hand, a towel helps when we sweat and when we use machines - it is more hygienic to just sit on a towel.

Do we burn fat or build muscle?

What exercises a woman chooses in the gym should largely depend on the effect she wants to achieve. When starting your adventure with the gym, you need to remember that you should not overdo it - tendons or joints can be easily strained, and then the threads of an active life. The most popular and recommended for ladies who want to lose weight is aerobic exercise. They can be performed on all machines that will cause our pulse to increase and we will start to sweat. That is:

  • treadmill,
  • stepper,
  • oars,
  • bike,
  • cross trainer.

You should also start warming up with these machines, if you want to work on the "mass" later. What's the best way to exercise on aerobic machines? Modern gym equipment has very advanced programs, we can choose, for example, Fat Burning or Interval Trening.

How intense the first workout will be depends on the woman. First of all, a woman at the gym should arrange this with a trainer. At the very beginning, he is obliged to ask if he regularly plays sports, if he has any health problems and if there are any contraindications for him to perform any exercises (e.g. people with diseased joints should not do squats).

If there are no contraindications, you can start training. Coaches repeat many times so as not to get overworked the first time. If we overdo it, we'll be sick, we'll be weak, and we won't be able to get out of bed in the morning. Who would like to go back to the gym in such a situation?

Ladies who complain that they don't have any muscles should look for something else in the gym: circuit machines. Peripheral training is an increasingly popular form of work on the sculpture of your body. Of course, you can also exercise classically, but the circuit, which is already prepared in the gym, is usually all the machines we need to build a beautiful figure.

All parts of the body are practiced in circuit training. It is usually a series of 8 to 10 exercises that are performed consecutively - with only a break for changing devices. It has to be intense and fast. During the first visit, it is enough to do the entire circuit once. However, gradually both the number of series and the load have to be increased. Circuit exercises are also a good start before exercising on larger and heavier machines.

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A woman at the gym - better in the group

Large cities are flooded with huge fitness clubs, which, in addition to a huge gym, offer fitness classes of various types, from classic aerobics, through typical strength classes, ending with martial arts or Latin dancing. This is a good idea for women who like to exercise in a group. Many women like to exercise at home. However, it happens more than once that some exercises are performed incorrectly. In this case, no one will advise her on how to exercise well. The instructor who conducts the classes helps all participants of the classes, and also provides advice after the exercises.

Very often the names of the classes say nothing to us or sound very enigmatic. We present a basic fitness glossary to explain the most common names.

  • ABT - A class also known under the sinister name Cellulite Killer. ABT is an abbreviation of three English words: abdominal, buttocks, thighs, meaning: abdomen, buttocks, thighs. the exercises in these classes therefore focus mainly on these three parts of the body. Regular exercise allows you to effectively burn fat, reduce or completely get rid of cellulite, slimmer and firm the thighs and buttocks.

  • TBC - that is total body condition. As the name suggests - the classes focus on general development exercises. They are designed to slim the entire figure and improve the efficiency of the body and body. TBC is very popular because of its variety - they use various fitness tools - dumbbells, step, weights. It all depends on the creativity of the trainer.

  • BodyPump - classes where men are also welcome. They are practiced with the use of special barbells. During the classes, the load changes several times. They are aimed at overall fitness improvement, fat burning and muscle strengthening.

  • Aqua aerobics - ordinary aerobics made more attractive with water classes. This is a great option for people with joint problems and the obese. Water means that we must perform our every move with double strength, which means that you lose a lot of calories during exercise.

  • Body Ball / Fit Ball - exercises with a ball with a diameter of about 50 cm. They strengthen the muscles of the entire figure, including the abdomen and back. It can be difficult for beginners to keep balance on the ball, but you can learn it very quickly.

  • Slide - also activities that require participants to master the technique. This time it is to keep moving smoothly on a special sliding mat - the movements resemble skating. Classes recommended especially for people with weak joints.

  • Spinning - we ride a stationary bike for an hour. Classes may seem boring on paper, but a lot depends on the instructor and the way he conducts them. It can change the pace and positions in which we ride many times.

  • Low impact - classes intended for those who begin their adventure with fitness and the gym. the exercises are not heavy and adjusted individually to the capabilities of our body.