Computer and the weather - Mróz (part 2)

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Computer and frost

Computer parts are very sensitive to temperature changes. In Poland, sometimes bitter frost occurs, during which it is better not to take your laptop out of the house. His worst enemy is water. When the temperature drops sharply, the condensation inside the computer begins to condense, causing a short circuit. If you do not want to risk painful data loss and expenses related to hardware repair, be sure to follow these simple tips.

  • A laptop that has been exposed to low temperatures must be turned off for several hours at room temperature.
  • Do not heat frozen equipment on your own, e.g. with a dryer, as it can be seriously damaged.
  • Flash hard drives are less prone to frost. It is therefore worth investing in a laptop with an SSD drive.
  • Watch out for the matrix - it is very sensitive to low temperatures. Don't heat it yourself, just let it thaw.
  • Buy a proven laptop heater.
  • Do not leave the computer in an unheated car.
  • Turn off energy saving mode. Let components run at full capacity for more heat.
  • Choose a model whose manufacturer guarantees increased resistance to changing temperatures.