Marketing communication - learn about the most important trends

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Marketing communication and the current trends in it are constantly changing, therefore marketers and branding people must be vigilant and quickly adapt new patterns of activities in the current strategies of companies. Find out about the most important trends that can dominate the area of ​​marketing communication.

Marketing communication - the most important trends

Personalization as important as never before

Nobody likes to be treated vaguely and put in one group: "customers". Today's consumers actually expect a given brand to treat them exceptionally and use an individual approach. And we're not just talking about including the customer's name in the email header. In personalization activities, you should also take into account the matching of advertisements displayed or sent to the customer - they should be related, for example, to the last purchases he made or what products he viewed on your website.

Internet users appreciate personalized content. The confirmation of this thesis is the report "Privacy on the web" (November 2016) carried out by IAB Polska. In this study, as many as 90% of Internet users declared that websites collect information about what they do online and that they adjust to their previous behavior on the Internet. The bottom line is that most web surfers realize that their every move is visible to website owners and appreciate the benefits of tailored content and ads.

Video marketing

Video content is gaining popularity all the time because it is a simple and easily digestible form of information transmission. They are especially eagerly watched on mobile devices. According to another report prepared by IAB Polska, “Video: more, faster, better. How the digital revolution is changing the video content market ”, short videos (shorter than 5 minutes) are viewed on computers by nearly 60% of the surveyed consumers. Consumers prefer short forms to long articles or product descriptions, which is why video content is perfect.

There is only one conclusion - we are more eager to watch than to read, so it is worth focusing your marketing forces on this form of communication.

Promoting content

Good content is the basis - we already know that, although good text is not enough if we do not take care of its proper promotion. Did you write a great text, published it on your blog, but the traffic rates in Google Analytics have not flickered? The reason for this is the lack of proper marketing of the generated content. Even the best and most professionally written text will not win many readers without extensive promotion.

In this case, you can promote your content in several ways:

  • in social media - not only through your company profiles, but also you can send articles to other websites and offer them additional benefits for publishing your text,

  • on industry portals,

  • on other thematic blogs,

  • with the help of influencers - content promotion with the help of known and liked people,

  • posting links on forums closely related to the topic you are discussing,

When promoting content, and actually at the stage of its creation, it is worth remembering about text optimization for SEO. This is an important element of content building that, unfortunately, is often neglected. Adjusting the text for SEO, i.e. its appropriate saturation with keywords, affects its position in the search engine. The higher the position in the search results, the greater the reach and number of readers (if the text is valuable and structured in an interesting way, of course).

Two-way communication

One side is talking, the other is listening - that is, a standard in such forms as TV or radio advertising. We should move away from this type of communication with the client in favor of a two-way conversation, i.e. an exchange of opinions. Today, one of the best-known forms of this type of conversation with the recipient of the brand is social media, which can be used to conduct both private and public exchanges. Companies should pay attention to the quality of the content they make available to customers, not the number of them. It is not difficult to send dozens of newsletters during one month, if we do not receive an answer to any of them. Brands should properly use such two-way communication, where the customer has the opportunity to send feedback, e.g. on the mailing received or the latest post on the company's blog.

Marketing communication - summary

It is important to implement all trends in the company's own strategy in a moderate manner - all processes and changes related to them should be planned and implemented in individual steps. The company's marketing communication should be flexible and react to changing trends, but as with any changes in communication, one should remember about the target group and their preferences regarding the manner and form of communicating with the brand.