Blockchain and Finance Conference


Blockchain and Finance Conference

January 17, 2020 | Warsaw

This next Friday, January 17, 2020, an extraordinary event will be held at the MsMermaid Center at The Tides conference center (ul. Wioślarska 8, 00-411 Warsaw), which will connect people from the world of finance, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. The Blockchain and Finance conference is aimed at people operating in these industries and a wide range of enthusiasts looking for information from these dynamically developing areas. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and finance are industries that largely intertwine, and this conference will provide a platform for discussion, sharing experiences, exploring new technologies and gaining business contacts.

As announced by the organizers, the conference space will be divided into two thematic scenes - Financial and Blockchain. This allows for individual selection of participation in the lectures for each person at the event.

Speakers confirmed their participation in the conference, among others: Rafał Zaorski, Łukasz Zgiep (Beesfund), Andrzej Sadowski and Andrzej Laskowski (Adam Smith Center), Bolesław Wójtowicz (, Arkadiusz Sieroń (Mises Institute), Sławomir Muturi (, Przemysław Słomski (, Krzysztof Wojczal (, Joanna Sikorska (Art Division) and Roman Zaborowski. They will cover financial freedom, ways of investing, real estate, art, law and geopolitics. All of the above-mentioned will have their speeches on the Finance stage.

The following will perform on the Blockchain stage: Krzysztof Piech, Piotr Rutkowski (Ministry of Digitization), Marek Kirejczyk (ETH Works), Piotr Włodarek, Jacek Czarnecki (MakerDAO), Tomasz Drwięga (ETH Parity), Artur Kuczmowski (Thompson & Stein law firm), Adam Betka (, Szymon Słodczyk (Value), Kajetan Komar-Komorowski (Lex Secure), Jacek Trzmiel (Coinfirm) and Tomasz Waszczyk. The range of topics on this stage will be just as wide. The topics of the speeches will concern technical solutions, ways of investing, cryptocurrency analysis or legal issues related to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the prepared presentations, each stage will also feature 3 discussion panels with industry specialists. A full list of speakers, debaters, their profiles and topics that they will cover can be found on the conference website -

After the conference part, the Nexus 2019 awards gala will take place. Industry awards - Nexus (links), have been designed to symbolize the achievements of both individuals and entire teams working for the adoption of new technologies in Poland. This year, additional prizes will also be awarded for the best performances from individual scenes. A total of 13 statuettes will be awarded. The Nexus Awards will be distributed for the second time. A year ago, their presentation took place during a conference on the occasion of 10 years of Bitcoin. The Nexus 2019 Awards Gala will be graced by the performance of the satirist Andrzej Poniedzielski. You will be able to follow the course of the entire ceremony live on the Youtube channel of

Tickets for the Blockchain and Finance conference are available for sale in several price options. Normal ticket entitles us to enter the conference, participate in lectures and discussion panels. It is also possible to buy a normal ticket extended by participation in the Nexus 2019 awards gala along with a cabaret performance. The third type of tickets are VIP tickets. In their price, apart from participation in the conference, we have access to the VIP zone, including refreshments, all-day VIP catering, meetings with speakers and reserved seats in the front rows during the Nexus 2019 gala and at a cabaret show. Tickets for the Conference can be purchased from PLN 200 net. Tickets are sold in the FlyingAtom shop.

The Blockchain and Finance Conference is possible thanks to the support of partners and sponsors. Among them we can find both Polish and international projects. Behind the organization of the event is the team of the portal, supported by, among others: FlyingAtom, Value, Lex Secure, Ledger, Arbitrans, Beesfund, Thompson & Stein, Coldbit Steel, SecuX, and

Detailed information about the conference, speakers, the Nexus 2019 gala and ticket prices can be found on the event website:

See you on January 17 in Warsaw!