Digital Signage conference - learn about multimedia promotion tools!


Multimedia promotion tools as an effective form of communication with the client - the Digital Signage conference on April 18 in Warsaw

The free Digital Signage meeting is aimed at enthusiasts of modern technological solutions that are used in digital marketing. The conference will be held on April 18 at 9:00 am at the Novotel Hotel in Warsaw.

The combination of IT with promotion tools are more and more often used methods of creating an image. Many companies and institutions replace the previously used mechanisms of advertising their services and products with digital signage tools, i.e. electronic totems, LCD monitors, multimedia screens, etc.

Digital Signage 2019

Why is this interactive form of reaching a personalized recipient with interesting content so popular? Speakers - experts who know the specificity of digital tools best, will try to answer this question and many others.

Topics that include will be discussed at the meeting are:

  • Modern and effective Digital Signage - how to choose digital advertising media to interest the customer? (Grzegorz Nowicki - Samsung Electronics)

  • How to increase the communication potential in your company? - MovarchDS proprietary solution Komputronik Biznes (Włodzimierz Urbański - Komputronik Biznes)

  • Open digital collections. Collection of the National Museum in Warsaw online (Karolina Tabak - National Museum in Warsaw)

  • Digital marketing vs traditional marketing - competitors or allies? (Arkadiusz Śnieżek - Poczta Polska S.A.)

  • DS as its own communication channel (Karol Wielechowski - Independent Expert)

  • Metro of the 21st century - digital challenges and opportunities (Grzegorz Popielarz - Metro Warszawskie Sp.z o.o.)
  • Digital out of home solutions as an alternative to television advertising campaigns (Mateusz Ruszkowski - Synergic)

  • Effective solutions in the field of Digital Signage based on the Epson offer (Andrzej Bieniek - Epson Polska)

Komputronik Biznes and Samsung Polska have become the main sponsors of the Digital Signage conference.

The event is aimed in particular at:
+ Directors, managers and marketing specialists,
+ People responsible for creating the image,
+ Companies and institutions for which improving communication with the client is an important goal for the near future,
+ People who would like to replace the need to print any information in paper form with an attractive message, also interactive.

Digital Signage is an innovative meeting which can be attended by every digital marketing and IT enthusiast. Just register through the registration form.