The FRONT EDGE Innovation & Leadership Summit is coming soon!


FRONT EDGE Innovation & Leadership Summit

We invite you to a unique event combining the perspective of a culture of innovation and modern leadership, i.e. FRONT EDGE Innovation & Leadership Summit! Innovation and leadership are the greatest challenges of modern business organizations.

The culture of innovation has a direct impact on business efficiency, i.e. the main goal of the organization's functioning. Building a culture of innovation is not possible without leadership of growth - a modern approach to management based on building strong, creative, autonomous and self-organizing teams.

FRONT EDGE Innovation & Leadership Summit - guests

Among the Special Guests:

  • Jacek Santorski (business psychologist)
  • prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz (former rector of AGH)
  • Jan Sanejko (composer)

During the conference, we will meet experts and practitioners from organizations that consciously implement and develop a culture of innovation. We will share knowledge about innovation and leadership, good practices, case studies and, finally, failures and failures from which we learn the most important lessons.

The main topics of the 2nd edition of the FRONT EDGE Innovation & Leadership Summit:

  • The power of a culture of innovation
  • Growth Leadership
  • Technologies of the future
  • Creative process in product and service development
  • Agility

The first day is an interactive workshop in 4 thematic paths:

1. Organization Design

Workshop I. How to build a culture of innovation in an organization? Evidence, examples, ideas

Workshop II. Employee Experience Management - managing and designing employee experiences as an innovative approach in shaping the organizational culture

2. Leadership & Talent Development

Workshop I. Talents in teams - how to use them?

Workshop II. Building a manager's strategy - how to create it based on values, what tools are worth using?

3. Product Development

Workshop I. Event Storming

Workshop II. User ecosystem mapping

4. Service Design

Workshop I. Visual Thinking, or how to think better, make decisions and communicate with others

Workshop II. Employee Journey Mapping (EJM)

On the second day, we will participate in lectures and expert panels, inspiration sessions, one-to-one discussions and debates whose topics focus on the elements that build the culture of innovation, i.e .: growth leadership, agile organization management, emotional security of employees, autonomy, creativity, self-organization . We will also learn about case studies of companies that implement innovations and we will learn how to build business competitiveness based on innovation.

FRONT EDGE Innovation & Leadership Summit is two days of intensive knowledge and experience exchange and a great opportunity to learn about the best practices and effective solutions!

More information on the event website.