Conference Employee Capital Plans - new requirements


Conference Employee Capital Plans - new requirements

The Employee Capital Plans conference will be held on June 7, 2019 in Warsaw at the Intercontinetal Hotel.

Conference Employee Capital Plans - program

In the conference program:

  • General rules for the application of the Act on PPK - Ewa Buchowiecka

  • Employing entity

  • Employers excluded from the application of the act

  • Employed persons

  • When and for whom is the obligation to establish a PPK?

  • Transferring payments to the PPK

  • Payments from the state

  • Payments by employees

  • Contributions financed by the employer

  • Anti-crisis solution

  • Exemption from financing contributions to the PPK by the employer

  • Employer's information and administrative obligations

  • Choosing a financial institution - Katarzyna Ziólkowska

  • Signing a PPK management contract

  • Signing a contract for running a PPK

  • Dates of concluding contracts for the management and maintenance of PPK

  • Change of financial institution

  • Participation of people employed in PPK

  • Resignation of an employee from making payments to the PPK

  • Resuming payments to the PPK

  • An employee submitting an application for making payments

  • What happens to PPK in the event of a change of employer

  • Investing funds in PPK

  • Having savings

  • Withdrawal of funds before the age of 60

  • Having savings after the age of 60

  • Inheritance of funds and their distribution in the event of the death of a PPK participant

  • Distribution of funds in the event of divorce or marriage annulment

  • Supervision over the functioning of the PPK - Dr. Marcin Wojewódka

  • Sanctions

  • control of the performance by employing entities of obligations related to the creation of the PPK

  • liability for breach of the obligation to conclude contracts and failure to maintain documentation related to the calculation of contributions to the PPK

  • responsibility for failure to make payments to the PPK within the time limit provided for by law

  • effects of inducing people to resign from PPK


  • Ewa Buchowiecka
  • Katarzyna Ziółkowska
  • Dr Marcin Wojewódka

The price (890 PLN + VAT / person) includes:

  • conference materials

  • notebook, pen and bags

  • coffee breaks

  • lunch

  • certificate

ATTENTION! Promotional prices!

For the first 15 people 790 PLN + VAT / person

Registration for the conference can be made on the website: Conference Employee Capital Plans - new requirements. To save or not?