End of the reduction of maternity benefits, which resulted from the provisions of the Anti-Crisis Shield!


More and more often you can read about cases of drastic reductions in maternity benefits paid by ZUS. Women were losing money overnight due to the Anti-Crisis Shield regulations. The Ministry of Family and Social Policy has prepared a change in this regard. Is this the end of diminishing maternity benefits?

The anti-crisis shield reduced the allowances

The anti-crisis shield made it possible to maintain many jobs thanks to the reduction of full-time jobs and thus lower salaries of employees. However, this possibility did not take into account the effect it would have on the payment of benefits. Women who give birth to a child in the period of reduced employment, and thus also salary, will receive a lower maternity allowance for a year, even though the situation in the company will return to normal. The basis for the allowance is the remuneration established for the new, reduced working time. As a result, women who give birth to a child during the reduction in their job lose the most because they receive lower benefits throughout the year on maternity and parental leave.

No more diminishing maternity benefits

The government is preparing changes in this area, clearly introducing an end to the reduction of benefits. The new regulations are intended to prevent women on maternity leave from being disadvantaged due to the reduction of working time under the Anti-Crisis Shield. These are the announcements of Minister Marlena Maląg: "We have prepared a regulation thanks to which in the case of people receiving benefits from sickness insurance, including pregnant women, the basis for the calculation of sickness insurance benefits will not take into account the change in the working time" Importantly, women whose benefits have been reduced will be able to count on compensation. However, this will only take place at the request of the person concerned. This was assured by the head of the labor ministry: “Moreover, the change will also apply to benefits already paid on the basis of the applicable provisions of the anti-crisis act. Their basis will be recalculated at the request of a given person. The most important thing for us is the good of the families. " Women who have so far received lower benefits can count on compensation.

Many women are waiting for the end of the reduction of maternity benefits due to the provisions of the Anti-Crisis Shield. However, there is currently no official draft of this change, so we have to wait for more details.