Competition for Google? Million Short threatens a giant

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Million Short and Google

When you enter a phrase into Google, the pages from which you will get results can be easily predicted - usually they are Facebook, Wikipedia, ... In their maze the less visited, not optimized for SEO, which may contain valuable content, get lost. Until now, it was possible to reach them thanks to the painstaking click of successive pages of search results. This meant that the overwhelming majority of Internet users gave up and entered the top pages. This is about to change now, as Million Short has appeared, an interesting alternative to Google.

The principle of the new search engine is simple - when entering the password, you select the number of the most popular websites you want to ignore. These are multiples of tens - one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand and a million. It sounds strange, but the search results may be astonishing. Suddenly, it turns out that apart from IT giants, there are also other non-mass audience websites on the web. Cleansing the search engine from links repeating a thousand times means that you can finally see the vastness of cyberspace.