Consequences of losing and theft of a payment card

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Although a payment card is much safer than carrying cash, cases of theft or loss of this electronic payment instrument are very common. This situation does not mean you will lose all the money in your account. What should be done in this case? What could be the consequences of losing the card? We invite you to read.

Report the loss of your payment card to the bank as soon as possible

Banks in the created regulations and legal regulations (resulting, among others, from the Act of August 19, 2011 on payment services) impose a number of different obligations on payment card users - such as signing it in the indicated place, proper storage, PIN code protection or also promptly notify the issuer of the loss or damage of the payment card. There are several ways to do this - you can go directly to the bank's branch, call the number indicated on the card (of course, you should write it down in the phone's memory or put it in another safe place) or use the emergency numbers that allow you to report the loss of the card at any time. bank. Each issuer of electronic payment instruments should guarantee its customers a 24/7 possibility to report the loss of a payment card.



Currently, there are several telephone numbers, calling which customers of most banks in Poland can stop a lost card. It is a convenient solution, especially when the entire wallet with several cards from different banks is stolen. Currently, a phone number established by the Polish Bank Association is available - it is worth having it in your phone, just in case: 828 828 828. More information about this service can be found on the project website.


In such a situation, quick reaction is very important - the sooner the card is blocked (blocked), the less severe the possible consequences will be. If an electronic payment instrument is blocked, unauthorized persons will not be able to make any transactions with it. Importantly, failure to report the loss of the card is associated with all negative consequences associated with this event.

Loss of a payment card - financial consequences

It may turn out that from the moment of losing the card to its blocking, the thief has already carried out several transactions with it. Currently, it is much easier due to the possibility of contactless payment of bills. In this case, the client is charged with transactions up to the amount equivalent to:

  • 150 euro - for payments with the use of a PIN,
  • 50 euro - for contactless payments.

This means that in a situation where, by the time of blocking, the card has disappeared, for example, PLN 1,000 as a result of multiple contactless payments (without using a PIN), the card issuer will return the indicated amount to the customer minus the equivalent of EUR 50, i.e. a total of about PLN 790. . If any transactions take place after the loss of the card has been reported, the customer is not responsible for them.

It should be remembered that in a situation where the card has been made available to a third party, the issuer's liability for transactions carried out by that third party is limited. Moreover, if the operation was performed due to the fault of the card holder or user - especially if he fails to fulfill his obligations (such as PIN protection), the above-mentioned limit does not apply (in which case he will be charged with the entire lost amount). .

Banks also offer the option of purchasing insurance in the event of card loss, thanks to which the liability of the bank's client for events occurring after the theft / loss of the card is reduced.



It is worth remembering that once the card is blocked, it cannot be unblocked, so before calling the bank, it is worth carefully searching all the nooks and crannies of your pocket or purse.