Converting into e-mail marketing - learn the rules to increase it

Service Business

The main purpose of e-mail marketing activities is to provide the client with information in such a way that he can take advantage of the proposed offer. Mailing is an extremely effective, measurable and inexpensive marketing tool that has been successfully used by companies for many years. Even though it is one of the oldest methods of Internet communication, it is still very popular. Read how to create content for a newsletter so that the conversion in email marketing is much greater.

Converting into e-mail marketing - personalization is the key to success

You can collect e-mail addresses and quickly increase your mailing list, but the addresses themselves will not tell you anything specific about the subscriber without additional data. Build a more elaborate newsletter subscription form to create personalized email marketing. For example, Zalando collects information about the user's gender when subscribing to the newsletter, which helps them to personalize the sales offer sent to them.



The Topshop online store went even further and included questions about the name, date of birth or education level in the form. Such data will make it possible to create highly personalized mailing content tailored to the subscriber's preferences.




The data we need depends on the industry in which we operate. Just as a clothing company asks the user for gender, for example, in gastronomy, information about food preferences will be more necessary. Without the use of personalized advertising content, there is no chance that the conversion in e-mail marketing will be at the highest level. Only a personalized message responds to the client's needs and expectations.No customer wants to be inundated with e-mails with an offer that does not interest them and does not match their preferences.

Appearance matters

Every marketer should remember that he has only a few seconds to gain the reader's interest.

Converting in email marketing largely depends on the layout of the sent message. For this purpose, you should learn about the psychological symbolism of colors, the most effective placement of the call to action button, or learn about which areas the reader's eyes are most focused on. Remember that the aesthetic appearance and attention to every detail proves professionalism, which inspires greater trust in the brand. It has been known for a long time that decisions are often made under the influence of emotions, and a properly thought-out email graphic can evoke positive associations encouraging to review the offer. When creating graphics, pay attention to:

  • fonts - use the ones that are clear and legible, which will be displayed correctly on most devices;

  • the amount of content and graphics presented - in this case it is worth following the principle: less is better. An overloaded composition will be distracting and will not encourage you to take action;

  • proper dimensions and weight of the creation - the whole should not weigh more than 60kb and be wider than 600px, but due to mobile devices it is better to use a width within 480-500px so that the e-mail is displayed correctly on a smaller screen;

  • conspicuous call to action - email marketing conversion will never be satisfactory if the action button is hard to see and not encouraging to take action. It's a good idea to test different content, colors, and positions to see which button works best.

The role of a landing page in email marketing

We can create excellent newsletter content, but if we do not create an equally effective page to which the e-mail directs, we do not have to count that the conversion will be high. Redirecting the user to the home page is a big mistake, he expects to go to a page that is directly related to the message contained in the e-mail. If the landing page is not included in the e-mail marketing activities, you can easily lose a customer interested in the presented offer. Be consistent, the landing page must refer to what the user found in the inbox. Use the same style, colors and message. As in the case of creating mailing content, we should follow the principle of simplicity and not overloading with content, in the case of a landing page, we can reveal all the advantages of the product. The e-mail itself is only an incentive, only after going to the website the user gets to know the details of the offer.

To sum up, what has the greatest impact on the conversion of e-mail marketing to be high: personalized content, tailored graphics, strong call to action and tailored landing page.