Converting in an online store - what to do to sell?

Service Business

Eliminate empty traffic on your website and make the conversion in the online store much higher. Or even better - turn every visitor into a buyer! It's easy to say, harder to do.

Lots of page views, but few specific actions - how to deal with it? How do I turn a customer viewing a product into a customer who buys (i.e. converts)? What actions should be taken to increase conversion in the online store?

Personalize all the time

Cookies are a treasury of knowledge about today's consumer. They record every activity of the Internet user, and thus constitute the basis of the work of marketers and more. Traces that each of us leaves on the Internet can be used to create an individual, i.e. personalized offer. One that is only for us and in line with our search on the web.

By creating a special offer for a given customer, conversion in the online store can significantly improve, and in the longer term, sales. By displaying to the user products similar or identical to those previously searched for, you can, in a way, create a store dedicated to that user.

Profit maximization from one transaction - similar items and styling complement

If the conversion in the online store is at a satisfactory level for you, you can work on increasing the profit per transaction! But how to do it? Use two selling techniques - cross-selling and up-selling.

Cross-selling is the so-called cross-selling of complementary products or services. In practice, these are similar items that can already be found in most online stores. Here, place the articles (or services) that can complete the whole, e.g. suggest shoes that match the dress chosen by the client or the perfect cabinet for the TV you purchased.

The up-selling technique is also noteworthy. It happens that the customer does not know about the existence of a better version of the product they are interested in. Therefore, taking into account the customer's interests, we can offer him a more expensive version of a similar product.

Converting in an online store from an influencer

Recommending - especially by famous and valued people - is effective. If you want to increase conversion in an online store, you have to work with the best. Industry media, bloggers, vloggers - whether you like it or not, they have a real impact on today's market. By cooperating with them, you create the image of your brand, confirming your good quality and putting yourself in the role of an expert in a given industry. Place their logos on your website and gain the trust of your customers.

Customers opinion

The world does not live by bloggers alone. Nobody and nothing can replace the opinion of the other user. People who have already bought a product that we have been thinking about for a long time. The vast majority of us make purchases under the influence of other users' recommendations, which is why stores publish statements from satisfied customers on their websites. In this way, the store gives credence to its quality and convinces new people to buy.

These are just a few ways for online store conversion to increase sales in the online store.

If this is just the beginning of your online sales, the above techniques will make it easier for you. However, there is always a BUT - the above methods are not the only recipe for a successful sale, so it is so important to constantly check what may work in our store, and what will definitely not work.