Coronavirus and GDPR. How does the epidemic affect data security?


The coronavirus outbreak has reorganized the way most companies work. Who only could have moved work home. In many cases, this required taking with you documents that normally do not leave the office, the new situation also forces a change in the method of communication and document circulation. Is such action legal?

The special situation forces entrepreneurs to adopt unusual solutions, including the complete transfer of work to home. Most accounting offices face such challenges. Remote work itself is not illegal, however, it should be remembered that despite the exceptional situation, the manner of handling documents should remain lawful. In particular, one should remember about the provisions of the GDPR and the maintenance of professional secrecy or business secrets. Regardless of the place of work, the entrepreneur should remember to observe the precautionary measures referred to in Art. 32 GDPR, the special situation does not exempt from professional secrecy and business secrets.

What about taking documents out of the office?

Physically moving documents should be a last resort. Extensive technologies allow you to export documents to the web. In this case, it is important to use dedicated programs that meet the security requirements. Get to know the system that allows you to safely transfer your office to the network. are comprehensive solutions for accounting offices that want to work safely remotely. What are the benefits of the system?
-possibility of safe remote work
- facilitated customer - office - customer contacts
-secure circulation of documents
-acceptance of documents in electronic form
- an OCR system for processing invoices
- the possibility of acquiring new customers
- data storage security
- permanent free software updates and its development
-direct connection with ZUS, Tax Office. GUS, the VIES database or the white list of taxpayers
LITTLE ACCOUNTING FROM ONE SYSTEM is a system that is simple to use and, at the same time, versatile in its capabilities. Test for free for 30 days. If it is necessary to physically transfer the documentation, it should be ensured that it is done in a safe manner, in accordance with the employer's procedure.

Employers should also remember that they are responsible for providing the employee with equipment that has adequate security. Working on your own equipment is the worst solution. When there is no other option, the awareness of the employees remains.

The transition to remote work is the moment when the employer should remind employees about the applicable security procedures. If such procedures have not been developed so far, it will be crucial to properly train the staff and introduce at least basic principles of remote work.

Safe remote work is:
- awareness of the entrepreneur and his staff
-developed procedures
- properly secured equipment
- exclusion or limitation of the use of private equipment
- encryption of transmitted documents
- use of a vpn tunnel
-physical security features such as special screen protectors

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