Buying a flat or a house - an investment for life

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Buying a flat or a house is often a lifetime investment. Therefore, the decision to choose a specific property should be well thought out. Check what to look for before buying an apartment!

Before deciding to buy a particular apartment, you need to answer a number of important questions. It is worth knowing which aspects are the most important when choosing the right accommodation. If you are planning to buy a house or apartment, be sure to take our tips into account.

Apartment for sale - primary or secondary market?

When looking for a dream apartment, you should decide whether the apartment will come from the primary or secondary market. The apartment from the primary market offers a higher standard of finishing, and you can arrange it according to your needs and taste. The disadvantages of flats from the primary market are the high price and often the long waiting time for the opportunity to move in. Premises on the secondary market, in turn, can be purchased at an attractive price, which is usually subject to additional negotiation. If the apartment is furnished, you can move in immediately after purchasing it. Often, however, you have to reckon with the need to carry out renovation. Therefore, the choice between the primary and secondary market depends on your individual needs, preferences and financial possibilities.

Apartment located in the center or on the outskirts of the city?

An important aspect that you should pay attention to before buying an apartment is its location. In this matter, it is worth paying attention to your individual preferences. While some prefer a bright apartment located in the city center, others prefer it when the apartment is in a quiet neighborhood. There are many possibilities - you can choose, for example, an apartment on the 8th floor of a building located in the city center or a beautiful duplex apartment on the outskirts. An interesting proposition is also the choice of a guarded apartment building located near shops and service points. On the other hand, those who prefer living in a house will surely be interested in modern houses for sale, surrounded by greenery.

How many room apartment to buy?

Before buying an apartment, you should decide on the size. The choice of premises with a specific area depends primarily on the number of residents. A studio or a two-room flat can be an ideal proposition for a single. On the other hand, for a family with children, a 3- or 4-room apartment will work well. A great solution is the so-called scheduled flat, i.e. one in which each room has an entrance from the hall. However, it is worth remembering that the larger the area, the more cleaning. So if you are planning to buy a flat with a large area, it is worth considering cooperation with a professional cleaning company. When it comes to cleaning the house - the average price is PLN 20 per hour.

How about building a house?

An alternative to buying an apartment is building a house. This is a popular solution that many people choose. Building from scratch takes a long time, but is usually cheaper than buying a finished building. It should be remembered that before starting the construction of a house, a building permit must be obtained. There are some exceptions, however. If you want to read some interesting information on this topic, check what can be built without permission and registration.

Choosing the right apartment is not an easy task. When making decisions, you should be guided primarily by your needs and preferences. To choose a house or apartment that is perfectly suited to your needs, be sure to follow the tips described above!

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