Insurance card as proof of earnings until retirement


When applying to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) with a request to establish a retirement pension or disability pension, it is necessary to present appropriate documents that confirm employment and determine the amount of remuneration obtained in a given period of employment. Can an insurance card be an example of such a document? Read about it in the article below!

Documents confirming the amount of earnings

The confirmation of the amount of earnings accepted to determine the basis for the calculation of the old-age or disability pension may be:

  • certificate of the employer or other contribution payer,

  • insurance card,

  • another document confirming the amount of the received salary.

Pursuant to § 10 of the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 11 October 2011 on proceedings for old-age and disability benefits (Journal of Laws No. 237, item 1412), it is not necessary to present the above-mentioned documents if the insured person's account contains already relevant data, e.g. where the employee previously submitted them to determine the initial capital or the entitlement or amount of benefits.

Insurance card as proof of earnings

If the insurance card contains relevant entries, they may turn out to be proof of the amount of earnings, if the workplace does not have payroll documents.

What if the employee does not have an insurance card? Or does he have it, but without appropriate entries confirming the periods of employment and earnings obtained during this time? Then, the determination of the amount of earnings is made on the basis of substitute documentation, i.e. the employee's files. The employer's task is to include in the remuneration certificate (drawn up on the basis of substitute documentation) the fixed amount of the remuneration components due during the employment period. Other salary components, such as bonuses, are also taken into account. The condition is, however, appropriate documentation confirming the payment of a certain amount on which social security contributions were paid.

How to obtain documents from closed workplaces

Documents of liquidated or transformed workplaces can be obtained from appropriate units authorized to keep them. They issue copies, extracts and copies of stored documents.

Pursuant to Art. 15 sec. 2a of the Pension Act, if it is not possible to determine the basis for the assessment of contributions during the period of employment specified for the determination of the basis for the assessment of the old-age or disability pension, the Social Insurance Institution takes into account the amount of the minimum salary of employees that was in force during that period. It is an amount proportional to the insurance period and the number of working hours.