Live chat - the basis of good communication with the client

Service Business

Are you trying to improve communication between your company and its customers, because both the telephone and e-mail contact do not fulfill their tasks sufficiently? Perhaps you should include a live chat on your website. It will be an easy and quick way for the customer to communicate with you, and he will get an answer to his questions without leaving the website. So how should an effective live chat look and function?

Live chat - what is it?

Live chat is a type of a simple messenger used to exchange information between visitors to a given website and service employees. It is posted on the website and is perfect for situations where simple and fast communication between the client and the company is needed.

The button that opens the window or the live chat window itself should be placed in a visible place on the website so that the visitor can easily find it. This is the advantage of chat contact with the client compared to other forms of communication, such as telephone or e-mail to the customer service office. Some live chats are displayed automatically, e.g. when the visitor stays on the site for a certain period of time. Then you can also initiate a conversation with a question such as "Can I help you in something?".

Why live chat?

We have already emphasized that the chat posted on the website is primarily a solution that allows the customer to quickly contact the company. However, this is not the only benefit of using such communication. The advantage is also many applications - it can effectively perform both sales functions (additional information about the product), service, technical (concerning problems with the operation or installation of the product), after-sales or evaluation (opinions about the product, customer comments). However, it is worth remembering that the response to the customer's inquiry must take place immediately, which means that one of the employees should constantly supervise the live chat. Is this the same as having to stay awake 24 hours a day? Not necessarily, because you might as well allow you to use the chat only at certain times - it should be one of several communication tools, not the only one.

In addition, live chat is relatively easy to use and easy to put on the website. Free systems available on the web, such as Chat4Support or HelpCenter Live, can be used to implement it. In one of our texts, you will learn more about the benefits of using different live chat systems.

How to run an effective live chat?

In order for the life chat on the company's website to fulfill its tasks properly and be useful for both the client and you, you need to remember a few of the most important rules of its conduct. Thanks to their use, it will visibly affect the communication or sales goals you set.

  1. Customize the appearance of the chat window to match the page layout. Make sure that the live chat window is relatively consistent with the appearance of the entire website. However, it must not completely blend in with the rest of the layout - let site visitors find them.

  2. Make some alternatives. Not every customer inquiry and problem can be effectively solved through a chat conversation - also take care of other communication channels, especially telephone and e-mail to the customer service office. Sometimes this form may be easier for the client, so don't avoid proposing a change.

  3. Personalize your communication. Thanks to the behavioral targeting tools, you can personalize your corporate chat communication to a large extent. The phrases "Welcome, Mr. John", "We are glad that you have visited us again" will certainly have a positive impact on the client and shorten the communication distance between him and the company.

  4. Gather knowledge about your customers. Chat is a great tool for collecting knowledge about specific customers, their behavior, problems, and shopping habits. Use it to be able to reach them more effectively later, e.g. with the offer or substantive content.

  5. Take care of the effectiveness of communication. Carefully select the questions addressed to the client and respond to his inquiries efficiently and on the subject. Try to be specific and don't over-write when there is no such need. Constantly inform the interlocutor about the activities you are taking, and if there is a need to temporarily suspend the conversation - write about it.

  6. Adapt chat times to your clients. As we mentioned earlier, live chat does not have to be available 24 hours a day. If you plan to choose the hours of its operation, take into account the habits of your customers - answer the question at what times and on which days of the week they visit your website most often.

  7. Select the right employees to handle the chat. They should be experienced in customer service and be good at text messaging. Make sure that one employee is not forced to use several communication channels at the same time.

Live chat is an effective form of communication between customers and the company. By following the rules of its proper functioning, you can gain many benefits and effectively build your image in the eyes of customers as an open company that communicates well with them.